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Tribal Treason Part IV: A Nuclear ISIS

Recent reports reveal that Turkey and ISIS operate just like family

James White              NorthWest Liberty News

(Ed Note: This is the latest installment of a multi-part report on the infiltration of America’s “ally,” Turkey on to American soil; specifically, via way of numerous Native American tribes. The article series is an extension of the fine investigative work done by attorney, Larry Kogan. You can read the first 3 parts by clicking the follow links. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)


As I have outlined in the first three parts of this multi-part series, the nation of Turkey desperately wants to get their hands on a nuclear weapon; or at least all of the components necessary to build one. On the surface, that would not seem so bad since Turkey is one of the “allies” of the US. However, an article published by Zero Hedge indicates that Turkey and ISIS are quite cozy, which begs the question: Does a nuclear capable Turkey translate into a nuclear ISIS?


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Just as I have done in my previous articles, I am utilizing the fine work of attorney, Lawrence Kogan who has been a champion of the regular guy here in Montana and other various points out West. Larry has worked tirelessly in the fight for Western states to reclaim their land and water rights from the criminal Federal Government. Below is an excerpt of Larry’s aforementioned research:


We also have conducted research since the withdrawal of our lawsuit which strongly suggests that the Obama administration is quietly and indirectly assisting Turkey to acquire civilian nuclear power, and potentially, nuclear weapons. Apparently, in May 2008, a new 15-year civilian nuclear cooperation agreement had finally been reached between Turkey and the USA, and by June 2, 2008, it had entered into force. The agreement is scheduled to expire on June 2, 2023 and is subject to renewal every five years thereafter.

This type of agreement the U.S. reached with Turkey is referred to as a “123 agreement,” to enable bilateral nuclear trade. Legal authority to concluded 123 agreements is derived from Section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended. “Under the status quo, countries concluding 123 agreements with the United States must comply with robust nonproliferation requirements.” This means that the U.S. government must already have concluded a 123 agreement with another country before U.S. companies will be permitted to secure a license to export nuclear equipment or materials.  …Turkey had provable ties with the Pakistan’s AQ Khan network, the U.S. nevertheless, regrettably, entered into this agreement with Turkey.

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The fact that the US and Turkey are in a very dubious nuclear relationship not withstanding, a recent report by Zero Hedge would indicate that Turkey and ISIS (America’s sworn enemy) are quite close.  So close, in fact, that they treat each other like family.  Click HERE for the full Zero Hedge article.

As one can easily surmise after reading the articles in this series, the nation of Turkey is not an ally of the United States.  In fact, a case could be made that Turkey is merely lying their way into acquiring nuclear weapons capability.  With 98% of Turkey’s population claiming Islam as their religion, let us not forget the fact that lying to infidels is their duty.






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