The nation of Turkey, underground Uranium and terrorist training centers could soon mark the future of Native American reservations

A potentially very disturbing scenario is unfolding across Native American reservations in the Western United States, and, if successful, will likely be the model implemented throughout America. I’m speaking about the potential of a “Trojan Horse” scenario where countries who may sponsor terror can establish a foothold, legally, right on American soil via the numerous existing Native American reservations. If you think this notion is a silly one, keep in mind that the government of Turkey invited 17 federally recognized Native American Tribes to Turkey for negotiations in 2010.

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One thing that people need to keep in mind is that Native American reservations are considered sovereign nations, and DO NOT fall under the jurisdiction of the state or federal constitutions; meaning that they can strike a deal with any nation in the world, even nations that are considered enemies of America. Oh, did I mention that all of this is funded by you and me?

Attorney Larry Kogan has been a friend of the Constitution, and a friend of Montana. Mr. Kogan has worked tirelessly to assist the people of Montana in their battle against the Federal Government via their proxy, the Native American tribes.

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Recently, Larry was interviewed by Patrick Wood concerning these matters and more. I have included a link to the audio below, but I wanted to pull out an excerpt as a preview for you first:

Court documents filed by Kogan suggest the nation of Turkey has sought to invest in Native American tribes because the 2009 Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing Act makes Indian reservations “largely off-limits to federal and state regulatory and law enforcement authorities.”
“It would appear that this setting would provide Turkey and such organizations with the opportunity to more freely promote their brand of Islam on reservations and/or to pursue other potentially more dangerous activities,” the complaint states.
That includes the possibility that Turkey seeks “access to the uranium deposits and bountiful water sources surrounding the Flathead Reservation for production of yellowcake capable of later conversion to a gaseous state for eventual use in incendiary devices,” it goes on.


For those of you who would like to be brought up to speed on the battle we face here in Montana, I have included a link to a micro-documentary that I produced some time last year.  I have reached out to Mr. Kogan and he should be a guest on NorthWest Liberty News radio soon.


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Tribal Treason: Are Native American Reservations Future Terror Training Grounds?
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18 thoughts on “Tribal Treason: Are Native American Reservations Future Terror Training Grounds?

  • January 26, 2016 at 7:19 am

    I surely hope they’re not allowing terorists to train amongst them. They may be many things, the native Americans, but I don’t think they’re treasonous, because they too would be targets of those sme terrorists.

  • January 26, 2016 at 8:05 am

    You are just about 32 years too late. This is something that was considered to be a possible high level security breach way back in the early 1980s. The State of Israel gave full recognition to all major Native American tribes decades ago.
    I sat in on meetings and discussions on this very subject. Rest assured that there are many security and counter-terrorist specialist already involved and have been for many years.

    Buck (Native American)

  • January 26, 2016 at 10:46 am

    Thanks Buck.
    Being involved back in 1973 with the Wounded Knee standoff over at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, I can tell you that this is where tactics were developed such as SWAT.
    Those living on the Reservation were forced to take sides with the corrupt Tribal Administration at the time, follow your Traditions and have your house shot up or fire bombed or side with the Corrupt Tribal Council and be left alone. (This was also happening on many Reservations around the country)
    The Feds were arming the Goon Squads (Guardians of the Oglala Nation) with automatic weapons and road blocks were set up to sort out the those that were not in support of the Tribal Government.
    The Feds/FBI pretty much stayed in the shadows and let the Native Peoples fight against one and other.
    Over 600 deaths have never been solved or researched and corruption involved the Government and many other Agencies.
    Back then, the search was for Uranium on Tribal Lands, so I guess nothing would surprise me at this moment in time, that another country would want to invest in that same interest now.
    And with the rise in Gang Activity on most Reservations, it makes a person wonder if the army is not already being trained from the inside to come fight when the time is right.
    It is a sad day for all Americans when all of the Traditions that are special or sacred to us are no longer allowed or taken away as they did with Commodities that are no longer given to the Native Peoples.
    Lets not let them lead us to another race war in this country which will truly divide us all as brothers and sisters.
    We still love and appreciate what our brother Russell Means and others were trying to do to change things or bring attention too at the time.
    And all of our Brothers and Sisters that gave their lives during the struggle.
    I don’t know if it really changed things as the struggle still goes on, but surrender is no longer an option.
    Want to know more about FEMA Camps in America, just look at all the Reservations around the country and how they were set up.
    A fact is that this is where Hitler got the idea for the Concentration Camps.
    Mitakuye Oyasin “We Are All Related”

  • February 21, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    i don’t know whether to laugh, cry or blow my top with anger at this article and the recorded conversation. you guys are really paranoid, insecure and incredibly ignorant. all of the terrorist like acts that have been committed in this country have been committed by White Men…all the ways of hiding and stealing money is being done by White Men. THE STEALING OF OUR LANDS IS BY WHITE MEN. STOP MAKING PEOPLE NERVOUS …this is OUR country…OUR land…we entered treaties that promised our lands would be taken care of…needless to say that promise like all the other promises this country makes has been broken. so we have learned how to be lawyers now and can take you to court. these kinds of conversations lend justification for Native women being raped and KILLED!!! our kids being taken away from us because crazy men like you think we are worthless or terrorists…STOP IT. this is not true…it is only you scared paranoid men who think like this. … everything in our culture, our traditions are so opposite in the way of thinking you wallow in. the reservations are all out in the middle of nowhere because WE signed TREATIES to protect the land. in exchange for mining and drilling in certain areas, other land was to be protected. these promises have been broken. land is being destroyed because of greed. there are only FIVE soverign nations. there is NO RESERVERATION THAT WANTS TO MINE OR DRILL ANYMORE NO PIPE LINES AND NO DESTRUCTION OF WATER WAYS. THE LAND IS OURS AND WE WILL PROTECT IT. POTUS IS ADHERING TO THE TREATIES AS THEY WERE SIGNED. LANDS ARE BEING RETURNED AFTER BEING STOLEN IN THE FRIST PLACE. HONOR THE TREATIES PROTECT THE EARTH…THAT IS WHAT WAS TOLD TO POTUS AND TO ALL OF YOU! i have to stop because the lies and ignorance is stiffling…Larry you Know NOTHING about what you’re talking about and are passing on 100% total LIES… WOULD YOU PUBLISH THE TRUTH IF YOU FINALLY REALIZE WHAT THE TRUTH IS PATRICK? WOULD YOU OFFER AN APPOLOGY FOR TELLING PEOPLE TO WATCH US?


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