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The West is for Sale

Is our Western heritage being sold to the highest bidder; even foreign nations?  One Nevada Rancher says, yes, and makes a good case in the video below

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I realize that the title of this particular article is, perhaps, a bit too provocative for those who may be faint of heart.  I want you to know up front that I understand your hesitation in believing that the very Federal Government who is supposed to be protecting our land is actually selling our land to those with the deepest pockets; even foreign nations that are supposed to be enemies of America.  Yes, as the title says, the West is for sale.


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Land Grabbing is Just Good Business

Have you ever pondered why the United States Government is so hell-bent on acquiring large portions of land out West?  Do you ever pause to ask yourself why the Federal Government would go to such great lengths to get ranchers and farmers off of their private property; even going so far as committing a felony by planting evidence on innocent ranchers (something one of my upcoming guests proved in court)?  To get your answer, think about why Walmart will move into a neighborhood and buy-up, or out-price, the competition; think about why Microsoft has bought-out and absorbed numerous tech companies over the years.  The answer is that just like Microsoft and Walmart, the United States Government is a Corporation.  Corporations acquire assets and eliminate competition whenever possible, and the corporation lording over America is no different.  To make a further study of the facts I just laid out, please search Ron Gibson on my YouTube channel.


Another Rancher Speaks Out

    After clearing an 8000-foot mountain pass and making it down the other side, my traveling companion, Cliff Gardner, and I were dumped out basically in the driveway of Nevada Rancher, Hank Vogler.  Hank, like all of the ranchers that I have met so far, is very hospitable and inviting.  Please watch the video below as Hank describes how the West is for sale, and how we are all going to be left paying the bill.


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