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The CSKT Water Compact Violates the Constitution

CSKT Water Compact
The CSKT Water Compact is a fraud because it violates the Montana Constitution, yet Senator Jon Tester is squarely behind it.


James White               NorthWest Liberty News

Do you remember the saying that goes, “just when you learn to play the game, they change the rules?”  Well, that’s almost exactly what happened, it seems, in regard to the CSKT Water Compact.  In this case, the game was run by rouge “republicans,” and the rules consisted of the Montana Constitution.  In summary, the CSKT Water Compact is an agreement between the State of Montana, the Federal Government and the Confederated Salish-Kootenai Tribes for water rights in Montana.  There are billions and billions of dollars at stake in relation to the CSKT Water Compact, not to mention the nation-wide ramifications on every American if the Compact is passed as it is written now.  The last statement is not hyperbole, please be assured.

Several Montana legislators could see the writing on the wall and have worked tirelessly to stop the fleecing of Montana’s residents by the passage of the CSKT Water Compact.  However, with the amount of money behind the project and the open violations of rules, including violating the Montana Constitution, going seemingly unchecked, the outcome is still uncertain.

Some of the legislators that I mentioned previously decided to come together and express their concerns with the CSKT Water Compact, and I was delighted to be there with my camera rolling.  Please watch the video below two or three times if you need to do so. You and your children’s future in Montana depends on it…no kidding.



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