In a recent study conducted by the CATO Institute, it was determined that out of all 50 states, New York is considered to be the least free state in the union.  Of course, for those of us who pay attention, we knew a lot of northern states, including New York were the most tyrannical.

The study says some of the reasons are high taxes, a heavy debt load and rent controls.

“New York has been the least free state in the country for a long time,” the study said.

“Economic freedom is the most significant weakness, but the state has not kept up with the rest of the country on personal freedom either,” the reports suggested.

According to the study, New York ranks at 50 among the freest states, mainly due to fiscal irresponsibility and regulations.  The Empire State ranks 40 when it comes to personal freedom.

According to the report:

The only fiscal policy area where New York is not below average is the ratio of government to private employment, where the state has actually improved significantly since the early 2000s. The government GDP ratio has scarcely fallen over that same time period, suggesting that New York pairs relatively low government employment with high salaries and benefits for public employees. New York’s local tax burden is twice that of the average state: 8.5 percent of income in FY 2015. This is a dramatic rise from the early 2000s, when it was 7 percent. However, New Yorkers have ample choice in local government: 2.9 competing jurisdictions per 100 square miles. The state tax burden, at a projected 6.8 percent of income in FY 2017, is also higher than the national average. Debt is the highest in the country at 31.2 percent of income, and liquid assets are less than half that, at 14.2 percent of income.

New York is also the worst state on regulatory policy, although here it is at least within striking distance of number 49. Land-use freedom is very low, primarily because of the economically devastating rent control law in New York City. Local zoning is actually fairly moderate compared with surrounding states not named “Pennsylvania.” Renewable portfolio standards are high. The state enacted a minimum wage in 2013–14 and also has a short-term disability insurance mandate. Cable and telecommunications are unreformed. Occupational freedom is a bit subpar, but nurse practitioners did gain some independence in 2013–14. Insurance freedom is a mixed bag (the state has stayed out of the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact), but property and casualty insurers gained some freedom to set rates in 2013–14. The civil liability system looks poor, but we may underrate it slightly because of the state’s large legal sector.

New York’s criminal justice policies are reasonably decent. While drug arrests are about average, nondrug victimless crime arrests are quite low. Incarceration rates are below average. Unfortunately, the state is one of only a few to impose loss of a driver’s license as a punishment for non-driving-related drug crimes. Local law enforcement enthusiastically participates in equitable sharing, even though the state law imposes only modest limits in the first place. Tobacco freedom is the worst in the country because of smoking bans and stratospheric taxes ($4.30 a pack in 2015 dollars in 2016). Since 2014, localities have actually enacted total prohibition for 18-to 20-year-olds. New York is perhaps the worst state for homeschoolers, and it has no private or public school choice programs. Sparklers were legalized in 2015 and mixed martial arts competitions in 2016. Gambling freedom is better than average; casinos were introduced in 2005. Cannabis freedom is now slightly above average, as the state enacted a limited medical law in 2014. Alcohol freedom is a bit above average, but grocery stores can’t sell wine. Gun rights are hedged about with all kinds of restrictions, but it is possible with some effort to get a concealed-carry license in some parts of the state.

However, what’s not that surprising is that CATO offers policy changes, but none of them actually deal with pushing back tyrannical laws and enforcing moral ones that the state historically held.

CATO offered three policy changes:

  • Fiscal: Cut spending on hospitals, housing, public buildings, public welfare, education, corrections, police and fire, sanitation and sewerage, employee retirement, and “miscellaneous,” which are all above national averages. Cut all taxes, and pay down debt.
  • Regulatory: Abolish rent control. This move could have raised New York to 45th, ahead of Vermont and New Jersey, on regulatory policy.
  • Personal: Slash cigarette taxes, which are so high as to be almost tantamount to prohibition.

Of course, Governor Andrew “America was never that great” Cuomo suggests this is nothing but right wing propaganda.

Cuomo spokeman Tyrone Stevens said, “Regardless of what this right-wing think tank says, under this administration, New York became the first big state to give the LBGTQ community the freedom to marry, gave workers the freedom to be with their families during times of crisis with the strongest paid family leave program in the nation, and helped provide freedom from poverty with a $15 minimum wage and free public college tuition for middle and working class New Yorkers.”

“‎During the same time, middle class taxes were cut and a property tax cap was put in place, while unemployment was slashed in half and private sector jobs grew to a record high,” he added.

That’s not saying much.  Look how far New York has come in their tyranny and depravity.  At our founding, they would put sodomites to death for their crimes based upon the biblical law that was the foundation of their state law.  Now, they have jettisoned that in favor of not only celebrating the debauchery of sodomy, but also perverted the definition of marriage to sound as if they are permitting freedom, when what they are endorsing is slavery to sin and crime.  The rest is nonsense from the governor.

All of the things CATO suggested for policy changes are good things, of course.  I’m not arguing against them.  However, those things do not guard liberty and freedom.  Justice does.  Sadly, that doesn’t even show up on the radar for CATO, not only in New York but in all of their report.

For example, The Times Union reported nearly a year ago in September 2017 the following:

More than 51,000 people are behind bars in New York’s state prisons. Here is what that population looks like, by the numbers:

  • The state prison population is 95.5 percent male. The average age is 38.
  • About 46 percent of state inmates are from upstate communities.
  • Roughly 40 percent of inmates do not have a high school education.
  • Sixty percent of inmates have children, and 66 percent have never been married.
  • The average minimum sentence is six years. The average maximum sentence is 10 years, four months and two weeks.
  • Two-thirds of inmates have been convicted of a violent felony.
  • Nearly 56 percent of inmates are first-time felony offenders. Four percent have been convicted of a felony three or more times.

What about recidivism? Almost 23,500 inmates were released in 2012 and roughly 10,000 returned to state custody within three years. Here is a statistical look at why they were recommitted:

  • A third of those 10,000 people returned to prison on parole violations and 9 percent were recommitted with a new felony conviction.
  • Newly released inmates who committed a new crime were most often returned for drug-related offenses.
  • Inmates who had not yet turned 21 were 10 percent more likely to return to prison than their older counterparts.
  • People from urban communities in upstate New York were anywhere between 4 and 10 percent more likely to return to prison than people from other counties.

This data is based on the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s most recent Under Custody Report, released on Jan. 1, 2016, and the agency’s three-year post-release follow-up on inmates released in 2012, a report published in 2017.

No justice is actually dealt out, just incarceration at taxpayer expense, which is an injustice both to the inmate, the victims, the victims’ families and the taxpayers.

If that were not  enough, in October 2017, a report from documented 235 murderers who were released from prison and among them were four who had been convicted of killing children.  That report was based on convicted murderers who were set free back into the population in 2016, no doubt, with many of them hell-bent on committing more crimes and murders.

Here’s the list from


NameAscending County of conviction County of release Prison Original date received Date of birth
Adam, Derek Bronx Kings Fishkill 5/25/1994 9/25/1962
Agas, Venerando New York New York Wyoming 3/20/1996 11/14/1942
Albelo, David Kings Bronx Midstate 6/13/1991 1/3/1971
Allen, Jody Kings Kings Ulster 12/23/1986 5/5/1967
Allen, Norman Queens Niagara Elmira 8/14/1995 5/8/1955
Anderson, Derek Kings Kings Riverview 9/23/1993 2/26/1977
Andreo, Jose New York New York Willard 8/11/1986 10/5/1956
Ansari, Fahim Niagara Erie Willard 2/16/1977 3/25/1949
Ashman, Tafari Kings Kings Fishkill 9/30/1998 3/11/1977
Augustine, Kenneth Tompkins Tompkins Cayuga 7/17/1992 8/16/1937
Ayala, Santiago Bronx New York Fishkill 5/8/1995 10/28/1962
Barrios, Marco Erie Queens Woodbourne 6/7/1993 3/27/1966
Bermudez, Manuel Bronx In Custody Fishkill 11/25/1994 12/24/1975
Bernard, Michael Suffolk Suffolk Fishkill 1/30/1992 7/7/1964
Binkley, David New York Out of State Fishkill 8/7/1998 8/22/1963
Bowe, Tracey Kings Kings Bedford Hills 9/21/1993 9/28/1967
Britt, Oliver Kings Kings Woodbourne 11/22/1985 8/18/1956
Brown, Errol Bronx Out of State Gouverneur 2/4/1993 11/18/1966
Brown, Leonard Kings Queens Willard 12/4/1981 6/18/1963
Brown, Tony New York Bronx Green Haven 12/9/1988 12/8/1955
Bullock, John Monroe Monroe Willard 11/17/1983 3/23/1962
Bush, Richard Kings Federal Custody Elmira 4/24/1991 11/2/1964
Butler, Clarence New York New York Marcy 8/24/1989 9/6/1958
Calderon, Jose Kings Kings Shawangunk 12/9/1986 9/9/1964
Cannon, Phillip Queens Kings Otisville 8/16/1993 12/24/1969
Casiano, Rudolfo Kings Richmond Cayuga 11/10/1983 2/24/1965
Cauthen, John Kings Queens Willard 3/30/1992 2/14/1963
Clemons, Patrick New York Queens Fishkill 4/2/1993 2/5/1965
Cola, Hasaun Bronx New York Sing Sing 8/3/1998 11/23/1979
Cole, Tony Bronx Bronx Bare Hill 4/2/1987 4/6/1964
Colon, Paul Bronx Other State Agency Great Meadow 5/11/2012 8/13/1985
Comer, Wallee Kings Off Parole Elmira 9/4/1986 10/18/1963
Cooper, Jessie Monroe In custody Auburn 9/29/2003 5/25/1978
Cooper, Wilbert Bronx Bronx Willard 1/26/1988 1/23/1968
Cotto, Juan Westchester Westchster Cayuga 9/8/1999 4/15/1981
Cruz, Alvin Queens Out of State Fishkill 6/23/1997 11/28/1974
Cumbo, Alton Kings New York Queens 11/2/1995 6/22/1967
Delarosa, Carlos Bronx Federal Custody Fishkill 4/19/1994 1/23/1965
Diaz, Melanio Kings New York Midstate 4/19/1982 3/10/1959
Dionicio, Wilson Bronx Out of State Green Haven 10/12/1993 5/27/1964
Donovan, Vincent Bronx New York Queens 8/13/1985 8/20/1965
Dubois, Donald Queens Queens Ulster 10/12/1988 8/3/1969
Duke, Victor Nassau Nassau Queens 3/12/1987 7/31/1966
Dystant, Robert Kings Federal Custody Woodbourne 7/16/1993 2/9/1964
Echavarria, Louis Kings Westchester Otisville 2/6/2004 12/16/1967
Ely, Karen Albany New York Taconic 2/23/1983 9/24/1947
Emery, Dwayne Kings Kings Fishkill 5/6/1998 4/17/1964
Epps, Darnell Kings Tompkins Five Points 12/5/2000 8/21/1979
Epps, Darryl Kings Richmond Five Points 10/27/2000 6/10/1978
Escobar, Juan Suffolk Federal Custody Woodbourne 1/28/1999 11/11/1955
Etienne, Lillie Kings Off Parole Taconic 6/24/1988 12/5/1946
Farrington, Michael Westchester Westchester Fishkill 4/27/1993 2/28/1974
Felder, Gary Queens Bronx Sing Sing 5/12/1994 1/31/1975
Figueroa, Juan Suffolk Suffolk Queens 4/30/1986 12/5/1957
Fischer, Thomas Cattaraugus Cattaraugus Willard 12/16/1988 5/13/1965
Fischl, Josef Dutchess In custody Sing Sing 12/11/1989 7/20/1968
Flores, Keith Kings Federal Custody Green Haven 5/20/1991 10/9/1972
Floyd, Lamont Kings New York Elmira 2/10/1987 4/12/1954
Fox, Stephen Kings Richmond Mohawk 8/29/2001 12/25/1959
Francois, Lewis Kings In custody Wende 6/17/2008 7/12/1982
Freire, Andrew New York Queens Eastern 2/23/1994 12/11/1969
Friedlander, Jonathan Orange In custody Bare Hill 3/29/1991 11/13/1972
Fundora, Lorenzo Bronx Bronx Collins 11/1/1991 12/17/1945
Garcia, Jose Nassau Bronx Ulster 5/28/1987 12/13/1967
Garcia, Victor Bronx Kings Riverview 4/10/1997 5/27/1974
Garner, Charles Erie Erie Ulster 7/29/1996 10/4/1974
Garrett, Joseph Queens Bronx Ulster 12/30/1982 12/25/1950
Gaston, Raymond New York New York Shawangunk 8/27/1992 9/6/1970
Geddes, Devon Kings Federal Custody Woodbourne 12/5/1995 1/19/1969
Gillyard, Wayne New York Kings Queens 1/27/1993 12/18/1965
Gilman, James Nassau Out of State Midstate 9/20/1990 7/9/1965
Gonzalez, Alex Kings Kings Fishkill 2/20/1992 4/16/1968
Gonzalez, Carlos Kings Bronx Franklin 1/28/1999 6/24/1978
Goode, Kevin Queens Queens Great Meadow 5/7/1971 11/4/1947
Gordon, Lawrence Kings Kings Green Haven 12/1/1978 11/20/1944
Grant, Patrick Westchester Federal Custody Bare Hill 4/21/1994 7/10/1953
Green, Alberto Kings Broome Walsh 4/22/1998 3/2/1966
Green, Damon Bronx Westchester Woodbourne 5/13/1993 7/22/1973
Green, Omari Bronx In Custody Willard 7/11/2003 10/27/1982
Guerrero, Ramon Bronx Federal Custody Bare Hill 10/31/1995 8/27/1964
Hamlin, Thaxton Monroe Monroe Cayuga 11/2/1984 10/24/1964
Harley, Bryant Kings Kings Fishkill 6/6/1994 3/13/1969
Hattley, Matthew Kings Fulton Woodbourne 12/27/1993 7/16/1967
Hawkins, Dempsey Richmond Federal Custody Woodbourne 4/12/1979 12/29/1959
Hernaiz, Ralph New York Monroe Queens 7/19/1977 1/27/1954
Hill, Durell Kings Kings Otisville 4/26/1995 10/31/1976
Hill, Thomas Monroe Monroe Wyoming 6/14/1991 1/15/1972
Hines, Morgan New York New York Woodbourne 6/22/2000 12/21/1970
Hinestroza, Brian Suffolk Suffolk Fishkill 5/23/2003 3/4/1981
Hinkson, Desean New York Kings Gowanda 10/22/2009 3/18/1991
Holliman, Richard Kings New York Queens 9/12/1996 12/2/1973
Idlet, Frederick Queens Saratoga Washington 11/21/1988 5/22/1968
Isaac, Allen Onondaga Onondaga Elmira 1/10/1997 3/31/1977
Ithna-Asheri, Makeen Suffolk Genesee Collins 6/22/1977 3/19/1960
Jackson, Anthony Westchester Westchester Queens 10/26/1984 10/16/1961
Jackson, Nahshon Suffolk Nassau Otisville 4/18/1995 8/19/1969
Jamar, Jamar Kings Kings Marcy 6/15/1982 12/13/1958
James, Frank Kings Suffolk Woodbourne 4/27/1990 11/13/1960
Jean-Baptiste, Kenny New York Kings Fishkill 5/23/2001 7/1/1972
Jenkins, Steven Queens New York Midstate 11/30/1992 2/1/1964
Johnson, Calvin Kings Bronx Wende 10/5/1995 12/10/1963
Johnson, Dean Kings Schenectady Fishkill 10/26/1992 9/3/1966
Johnson, Gerald Kings Out of State Queens 8/31/1993 6/29/1970
Jones, Andre Queens Suffolk Auburn 6/25/1975 3/25/1954
Jones, James Erie Erie Collins 2/26/1985 1/30/1939
Jones, Tyrone Queens Richmond Fishkill 6/28/1984 7/9/1961
Joseph, Jason Bronx Kings Five Points 10/15/1997 8/4/1976
Judge, Paul Kings Kings Fishkill 9/5/1989 10/16/1964
Kearns, Joseph Suffolk Other State Agency Marcy 8/13/2015 8/29/1981
Keefer, Burt Lewis Jefferson Livingston 11/6/1992 11/5/1970
Kwak, Young Min New York Federal Custody Fishkill 12/13/2002 6/4/1973
Lacosta, Marty Bronx Queens Queens 7/28/1982 2/2/1962
Laffer, David Suffolk Other State Agency Clinton 11/17/2011 11/16/1977
Lahara, Nancy Queens Rensselaer Taconic 4/1/1993 7/13/1970
Langley, Timothy New York Kings Livingston 8/9/1994 8/9/1973
Lanier, Cordell Monroe Monroe Willard 5/13/1997 5/5/1978
Lee, Calvin Kings Kings Sing Sing 8/27/1986 11/21/1960
Lockwood, Carla New York Federal Custody Albion 11/12/1997 10/26/1963
Lowder, Douglas Erie Genesee Groveland 5/19/1983 11/30/1952
Lundy, Kareem Kings In custody Cape Vincent 11/17/1998 4/20/1980
Maldonado, David Bronx Kings Woodbourne 12/21/2009 6/6/1976
Martinez, Jesus Bronx Bronx Gowanda 8/9/2000 3/25/1978
Matchaletti, Rocky Monroe Monroe Wyoming 10/31/1984 12/11/1961
Mathews, Christian Queens Queens Willard 6/30/1995 5/24/1968
Mattioli, Peter Fulton Albany Woodbourne 2/27/1973 2/14/1946
Mcclaurin, Craig New York Bronx Washington 7/6/1995 5/25/1971
Mcguire, George Kings Queens Great Meadow 11/21/1990 12/6/1968
Medina, Gonzalez Bronx Kings Franklin 3/13/1973 3/1/1946
Mendez, Francisco Bronx Ulster Eastern 3/14/1978 3/31/1960
Mercado, Francisco Bronx Bronx Orleans 12/20/1984 9/5/1965
Mettler, Donald Madison In custody Sullivan 9/29/1987 1/18/1967
Midlarsky, Sheldon Dutchess In Custody Elmira 11/29/1983 10/4/1936
Millery, Claude Queens Queens Bedford Hills 4/22/1993 7/20/1972
Mitchell, Rimell Queens Queens Five Points 3/17/2000 6/20/1978
Montaque, William Onondaga Onondaga Cayuga 4/30/2001 2/4/1980
Morales, Herbert Suffolk Bronx Otisville 3/29/1985 10/15/1965
Morales, Leonardo Bronx Bronx Wende 1/2/1991 8/4/1973
Morgan, Tyrone Queens Other State Agency Fishkill 5/6/1992 11/23/1954
Mosher, Theodore Albany Westchester Woodbourne 2/1/1979 2/17/1956
Neal, James Bronx Bronx Woodbourne 6/20/1990 2/26/1965
Negroni, Carlos Kings Kings Queens 7/17/1998 10/5/1978
Nicholson, Rodney Monroe Out of State Livingston 2/20/1992 10/8/1968
Nunez, Jose New York Other State Agency Marcy 12/1/1998 7/16/1973
Osorio, Jose Bronx New York Livingston 2/22/1979 1/24/1962
Palmer, Ronald Bronx Albany Queens 9/28/1993 4/19/1965
Pantoliano, Michael Kings Richmond Orleans 3/24/1983 10/31/1955
Parsons, Victor Kings New York Fishkill 7/21/1982 10/28/1952
Patrick, Collin New York Erie Fishkill 5/14/2002 3/14/1978
Perez, Bonifacio New York Kings Fishkill 1/13/2000 3/12/1965
Perez, Luis Kings Kings Woodbourne 5/15/1997 12/22/1956
Perry, Jamel Richmond Kings Five Points 1/13/1998 7/18/1973
Pollard, Eugene Kings Suffolk Willard 11/5/1986 12/4/1962
Pressley, Anthony Oneida Out of State Fishkill 4/23/1993 4/17/1967
Ramirez, Santiago Bronx Bronx Otisville 4/30/1982 3/10/1961
Ramos, Angel Kings New York Willard 2/14/1994 11/22/1971
Ramos, Luis Orange Bronx Fishkill 7/9/2003 5/16/1980
Ramsey, Thurman Kings Kings Cape Vincent 3/4/1981 10/30/1959
Redding, John Kings Kings Woodbourne 1/30/1996 5/31/1957
Reyes, Nicholas Queens Bronx Woodbourne 2/17/1983 1/29/1964
Reynoso, Johnny Kings In Custody Upstate 2/3/1994 7/13/1962
Rivera, David Kings Kings Cayuga 4/5/2000 1/4/1980
Rivera, Feliberto Bronx Bronx Greene 6/14/1993 7/27/1973
Roberts, Damien Erie Erie Franklin 3/9/1999 3/3/1980
Robertson, Omar Bronx Federal Custody Mohawk 5/3/1999 6/19/1976
Rock, Christopher Kings Kings Otisville 1/11/1994 4/30/1973
Rodriguez, Alejo New York New York Otisville 1/22/1986 2/26/1962
Rodriguez, Alfredo Bronx Westchester Sing Sing 1/8/1986 12/6/1949
Rodriguez, Edwin Kings New York Midstate 2/27/1987 6/10/1950
Rodriguez, Felipe Queens Kings Otisville 6/7/1990 6/15/1965
Rodriguez, Glenn Queens Bronx Eastern 7/1/1992 1/2/1974
Rodriguez, Gonzalo Kings Federal Custody Fishkill 12/17/2002 1/31/1979
Rodriquez, Robert New York New York Fishkill 11/14/1994 3/9/1967
Rosado, Ray Westchester Queens Woodbourne 4/26/2001 5/15/1978
Rossakis, Niki Queens Queens Taconic 7/19/1996 11/22/1961
Rossi, Constantin Oswego Oswego Cape Vincent 1/30/1987 7/22/1952
Rowe, Sydney Kings Queens Sing Sing 4/17/1997 11/24/1971
Rudicel, Daniel Tioga Other State Agency Five Points 5/1/1990 1/3/1973
Rudolph, Tyrone Suffolk Out of State Fishkill 1/25/1995 12/26/1972
Salazar, Angel Nassau Nassau Midstate 4/13/1982 10/2/1955
Salgado, Albert Chautauqua Chautauqua Mohawk 5/3/1983 1/4/1958
Samuel, Otis Erie Erie Cayuga 6/4/1980 5/15/1958
Sanchez, Carlos Suffolk Suffolk Eastern 5/5/1995 1/5/1975
Sanchez, Miguel Bronx Bronx Fishkill 9/1/1999 11/5/1975
Sanchez, Miguel Bronx Bronx Woodbourne 1/7/1999 3/30/1971
Santiago, Rafael Montgomery Fulton Wende 3/23/1973 7/1/1948
Santos, Edgar Kings Nassau Fishkill 8/5/1996 2/14/1968
Schermerhorn, David Queens Suffolk Downstate 8/5/1983 10/8/1954
Seals, William New York Bronx Fishkill 10/17/1995 5/22/1964
Seeley, Valerie Kings Bronx Bedford Hills 5/5/2003 6/10/1955
Seifullah, Ammar Schenectady Albany Washington 6/11/1985 1/5/1954
Sharif, Malik Bronx Kings Auburn 4/3/1984 8/23/1947
Sheppard, Karif Kings Kings Fishkill 3/27/2003 11/23/1984
Small, Anthony Queens New York Queens 12/14/1987 4/6/1966
Smith, Stephen Kings Kings Otisville 4/24/1992 7/18/1973
Snickles, Emmett St. Lawrence Steuben Clinton 10/21/1992 6/21/1969
Spruils, Jessie Bronx Bronx Bare Hill 3/27/1992 12/11/1972
Starks, Jamal Suffolk Nassau Fishkill 10/22/2002 8/3/1970
Stephen, Jacques Kings Federal Custody Livingston 3/14/1985 9/24/1964
Stephenson, Najie Kings Kings Five Points 11/9/1992 4/17/1969
Suphal, Ivan Kings Kings Sing Sing 8/13/2001 5/6/1975
Talmon, Paul Erie Genesee Altona 2/2/1988 1/30/1960
Tarbell, Roy Monroe Monroe Cape Vincent 6/8/1989 12/28/1966
Tate, Shane Kings Kings Bare Hill 1/13/1997 10/28/1976
Temple, Tarsheem Queens Suffolk Fishkill 1/4/1995 12/12/1976
Thomas, Andrew Westchester Westchester Fishkill 8/27/1998 6/18/1979
Thompson, Roger Queens Queens Fishkill 8/26/1991 6/23/1967
Toal, Daniel Suffolk Suffolk Attica 12/10/1990 7/22/1969
Torres, Gillian Kings Nassau Queens 4/15/1993 10/17/1964
Towner, James Kings Kings Orleans 9/3/1999 9/26/1961
Turaine, Ditian New York Kings Gouverneur 7/29/1988 12/12/1959
Umonzor, Celin Queens Federal Custody Mohawk 12/12/1991 12/22/1956
Urbina, Jesus Suffolk In custody Great Meadow 11/3/2005 10/29/1975
Vargas, Victor Kings Queens Bare Hill 4/18/1989 6/23/1965
Vazquez, Jose Richmond Onondaga Marcy 1/15/1974 1/26/1949
Velasquez, Newley Kings Oneida Franklin 11/3/1993 12/27/1975
Vicks, Anthony Kings In custody Gouverneur 9/25/1980 10/18/1962
Viserto, Anthony New York Kings Sullivan 2/27/1979 12/9/1953
Walker, Michael Suffolk Suffolk Queens 4/21/1994 7/2/1963
Washington, Bobby Bronx Kings Otisville 4/4/1991 10/15/1972
Washington, Jamel Kings Suffolk Groveland 9/7/2001 2/24/1982
Watson, Clarence Queens In custody Ulster 7/28/1999 3/27/1978
Welds, Waquan Queens Queens Mohawk 5/18/2015 5/18/1994
West, Michael Erie Erie Franklin 12/21/1976 3/19/1947
White, Randy Kings Kings Queens 8/27/1993 4/17/1959
White, Samuel Erie Erie Sullivan 7/19/1989 12/25/1970
Williams, Jameel Erie Erie Gowanda 6/26/1996 1/26/1976
Williams, Robert Queens Onondaga Elmira 7/16/1980 11/28/1960
Williams, Shamal Kings Kings Willard 6/22/1998 1/18/1979
Williams, Stephon Kings Queens Otisville 6/18/2009 9/30/1990
Wilson, Jerome Kings Richmond Great Meadow 10/1/1984 8/22/1962
Woods, Rufus Kings Kings Coxsackie 9/19/1983 6/25/1965
Wright, Jermaine Kings In custody Five Points 11/18/1994 7/7/1977
Wroblewski, Mark Erie Wyoming Groveland 9/17/1982 3/8/1961
Young, Dwight Bronx Bronx Queens 3/22/1996 4/14/1965
Zimmerman, Donavon Ado Kings Westchester Auburn 6/19/1992 10/16/1974

Source: NYS Department of Corrections and Community Supervision

For questions, comments or suggestions on this data report, please send a note to Michelle Breidenbach or call 315-470-3186.

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Study: And The Award For Least Free State In The US Goes To…

One thought on “Study: And The Award For Least Free State In The US Goes To…

  • August 26, 2018 at 1:21 am

    Maybe I’m wrong, but keeping slum lords in check is good?
    I agree with most of it though, because of the cigarette tax, etc… Garner got choked to death.
    Ironically though if it’s cigarettes, conservatives, usually give a rats ass, and side with the tyrants most of the time.
    Which makes them hypocrites mostly. If it ain’t guns, money, the flag, or other as important liberties, they usually don’t care.
    Amazing too just how many smokers do the same.


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