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Ron Gibson: The Federal Government is a Foreign Entity

Ron Gibson

Constitutional Law expert, Ron Gibson joins Jim and Tim to break down who we really are.


James White              NorthWest Liberty News


If we are truly a government of the people, for the people and by the people, then why does the Federal Government exercise so much control over our lives?  A couple glaring examples of this would be the TSA inspired, mile-long lines at most major airports, and the “law” that we are required to buy health insurance from a private company; otherwise known as Obamacare.  Throw in all of the un-elected alphabet agencies whose sole purpose is to extract us, the American National, from our property, and you can see that the magnitude of tyranny has reached red-level status.  Ron Gibson is aware of all of this and has been battling these criminals for over 4 decades.

Ron is quite the “Renaissance Man,” as will be evidenced by his bio below, and we were delighted to have him on NorthWest Liberty News for an entire broadcast.  Please click the audio or video below to hear this extremely important and informative interview.

Ron’s Bio

Ron Gibson is a former US Marine and VietNam veteran who currently works as a professional consultant, Counselor at Law, with over 45 years of experience on the subjects of land patents, mining law, right of way, contracts, water rights, and Constitutional Law.  Raised on a ranch in Southern Oregon, his BA in Engineering and cattle ranching background has helped him to tackle many of the issues facing rural America today.

Ron has several gold and industrial mineral projects throughout the US.  He currently serves as Vice President of the South West Oregon Mining Association and is the chairman of the Jefferson Mining District located in southern Oregon.

A licensed pilot, Ron has a helicopter business and is the inventor of two environmental clean-up products.  Additionally, he is also involved in turbine engines, marine boat power plants and turbine propulsion projects for helicopters and airplanes.

His love of history and lifelong experience in cattle and horses has also served him well for his land, hay, alfalfa and high quality beef operations.  In his spare time Ron enjoys collectible auto restoration, raising quarter horses and paint horses, flying, and teaching classes on Constitutional law, mining law and land patents.


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