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NWLN Exclusive: Explosive Announcement from Health Ranger, Mike Adams

Health Ranger

 Mike Adams of Natural News is about to expose 75 years of science fraud; a move that could crumble the science establishment


James White              NorthWest Liberty News


NorthWest Liberty News (Austin, TX) – Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is a tireless fighter for truth and food freedom, and no stranger to controversy.  If you need a bit of a refresher on Mike’s work, click here to review his scathing expose’ on McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets.  Now, Mike has raised the game to a new level as he aims to expose the entire fraudulent “scientific establishment;” a Rockefeller ran institution for 75 years or better.


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Undeniable Credibility

    I have the great privilege to call Mike Adams a friend, and am blessed with the opportunity to speak to him regularly.  Lately, Mike has been immersed in establishing a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art laboratory which exceeds most labs at a university level.  Well, after long hours and much labor, Mike’s hard work has borne fruit.  Mike’s lab has just received International Accreditation, and now Mike’s work in the lab will be backed by international recognition within the scientific community.  And the best part is that Mike will not be bought-off, for “they” have tried that before and failed.  Please take time to listen to the latest edition of Health Revolt below.


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