Patriots young and old showed up in force at the Rally for Our Rights, pro-second amendment gathering in Kalispell, MT


James White        NorthWest Liberty News      April 17, 2018

(Kalispell, MT) With all the coverage lately of teenagers and young adults marching to have their rights removed, one could easily conclude that the outlook for liberty in general, and the 2nd Amendment specifically, is quite bleak.  To me, this anti-freedom, liberty-hating agenda pushed by the failing propaganda press is one of the last plays of a movement overcome by desperation.

As my friends can attest to, I have stated for over 18 months that the establishment is finished.  Once the “powers that be” lost control of the mainstream narrative, their fate was sealed.  Alternative media kept hammering away with the truth, which made the lies of the MSM openly apparent.  Contrary to what is shown on the phony press, there is a movement to regain control of our government and shift the narrative back to Constitutional principles.  Although there are many elder statesmen who are deeply steeped in the fight, it is the youth who will eventually win the day.

By all appearances, Ron Paul left the “Liberty” movement smoldering, while Donald Trump has been fanning the flames into a growing inferno.  People inherently want to be free, a fact that was clearly apparent in the minds and hearts of everyone who showed up in Kalispell’s Depot Park at the pro-gun, “Rally for Our Rights” over the weekend.  The event was organized by 3 high school students, Braxton Shewalter, Grant Miller and Cole Medhus.  Despite facing verbal abuse hurled at them by teachers from their own school, these three young men soldiered on and successfully pulled off a very inspiring event.

I was contacted by one of the organizers to capture a video diary of the rally, which I was delighted to do.  Click on the link below for YouTube or click this link for videos on BitChute.


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Not All Teenagers Eat Tide Pods

2 thoughts on “Not All Teenagers Eat Tide Pods

  • April 17, 2018 at 10:05 am

    What a bright and courageous young man, or rather young men. I Have no doubt that teachers and some others criticized their intent to speak out for freedom. Gun bans, whether in Brazil or Australia have not worked. The same crimes are still being committed, and the bad guys still have their guns, or just use knives instead. Having been attacked many years ago, in my car, by as man with a broken 7-up bottle in his hand right in my face, I will take a gunshot wound over a knife or glass attack any time. Now, if you are ever attacked while in your car, remember that the car is your weapon if you can get it moving. Make a scene. Hit another car, a telephone pole, or something, and bail out of the car. The attacker will flee.
    God Bless these young men, the Bundys of this Country and everyone trying to put a stop to child and slave traffic and other crimes against individuals. Japan did not invade the US in WWII because they knew there would be a gun “behind every blade of grass” as Americans would defended their country, ever man and woman. And President Trump and I would have been there too.

  • April 17, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    Thank you so much for capturing video footage of the event! So proud & honored to take part.


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