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Montana Representative to Announce Class-Action Lawsuit Against DPHHS

Montana Representative, Rodney Garcia joins me live on NorthWest Liberty News to announce his class-action lawsuit against Montana DPHHS




james white               NorthWest Liberty News               June 14, 2019


Montana Representative, Rodney Garcia is no fan of the Montana DPHHS.  To that point, he gained statewide attention when he came on NorthWest Liberty News and called for $1000 a day fines and jail time for the criminal element working inside the DPHHS.  The video of our interview is linked below.





Despite the fact that Representative Garcia’s proposals made during our first interview inflamed many, he doubled-down about a month later on NorthWest Liberty News and announced legislation to de-fund DPHHS to the tune of $50 Million over 2 years.  The video of that interview is linked below.




Let’s fast-forward a few months to where we stand today.  Rodney Garcia is still a Montana Representative and his desire to reign in the corruption at DPHHS has not subsided.  In fact, Representative Garcia is deciding to triple-down on the Montana DPHHS and will launch a class-action lawsuit against them in July; the details of which Representative Garcia is scheduled to announce at 10 AM today on NorthWest Liberty News Live.  I have copied the link to the scheduled interview below


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