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Michael Snyder: “ America is Now Under God’s Judgement ”

James White               NorthWest Liberty News

We have been tested and have failed…now comes the judgement


As the economic collapse seems to be transpiring before our eyes, it was the perfect time to speak Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog; today’s guest on the NorthWest Liberty News radio show. Michael is a prolific researcher, and he has no equal when it comes to writing about the real economy and the upcoming financial disasters that will soon befall America. Today, however, we not only covered the economy, but also covered the spiritual sickness that has infected this once God fearing nation; and how we are currently under God’s judgement.

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According to Michael Snyder, God has tested America and we have failed. From 57 million murders of the unborn, to the circle of evil being completed with those same murdered children’s body parts being bought and sold on the open market. Truly, we are a nation in tremendous moral decline and may very well be under God’s judgement; as Michael pulls no punches in pointing out that fact. Of all the times I have had the pleasure to interview Michael Snyder, this time may have been the best.

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