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Is Donald Trump’s Long Game Total Media Dominance?

As Conservative voices are now silenced daily, Donald Trump stands mute.  Is this part of Trump’s long-term plan to dominate Conservative media?


james white               NorthWest Liberty News               April 3, 2019



Does anyone else, besides myself, find it curious that President Donald Trump allows Conservative voices to be silenced daily, when all he needs to do is place one phone call to have an investigation launched?

Trump did, however, meet with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey and admonished him severely for Twitter’s blatant censorship of Conservatives… NOT!


US President Donald Trump has met Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey at the White House to discuss social media.

In a statement, Twitter said the pair spoke about “protecting the health of the public conversation” ahead of the US 2020 general election.

Earlier Mr. Trump had accused the platform of being “very discriminatory” towards him.

Mr. Trump tweeted a picture of Mr. Dorsey and him in the Oval Office and called it a “great meeting”.

“Lots of subjects discussed regarding their platform, and the world of social media in general,” he wrote.


Boy, it sure sounds like Trump gave Dorsey the “what for” on all of the censorship.

Again, I wish that were true, but sadly it’s not.


Trump Media


Donald Trump is not a politician; he is a businessman.  And, as a businessman, Trump knows that the current media paradigm is about to change dramatically.

We see it happening already as the Russian hoax dies on the vine.

Trump has played no small factor in the current media’s demise, as he rails against them at every opportunity.

Trump is no fool and he knows media quite well; as he spent many years in the thick of that milieu during his time on NBC.

Also, let’s not forget that Donald Trump is keenly aware of the actual collusion that transpired between MSM and the Deep State, as the numerous investigations now taking place will, no doubt, reveal.

Is Trump allowing Conservatives to be silenced until all of them are either muted or out of business due to loss of income?  Will Trump then start his own news network which will monopolize the entire Conservative base?


Hannity and Friends


It’s no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t loathe all Mainstream News, as he has had a love affair with the turncoat network, Fox News since before his election.

Apparently, Trump has great relationships with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine and several other Fox News personalities; certainly, enough links to start his own Trump Network.

With Mark Levin and Glen Beck merging to form their own media company and Sean Hannity’s contract expiring, coincidentally enough, in 2021 when Trump would begin his second term, perhaps all the stars will align for total Trump dominance?

Do I know if all or any of the above narrative is true?  Admittedly, I do not.

Will Donald Trump act against the tech giants in Silicon Valley who are silencing Conservative voices?  Yes, I believe he will.  However, the question is will it only be after all of Trump’s media competitors have been vanquished?


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