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Draining the Swamp in Montana

Derek Skees

Statesman, Derek Skees of Montana’s HD 11, spearheads H.B. 340; a bill which would end systemic corruption in Helena


James White              NorthWest Liberty News


Anyone following the last US Presidential election is familiar with the phrase “drain the swamp;” a phrase used quite often by eventual winner, and now US President, Donald Trump.  But is that murky, swampy land where all the dark deals are made exclusive to the Washington DC beltway?  Representative for Montana’s House District 11, Derek Skees, doesn’t think so, and he put his pen to paper to make his point.  The result… HB 340, or the bill to eliminate the Office of Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP).

The OPP was originally created with the intent of providing oversight for the political process in Montana.  A noble undertaking, indeed.    Sadly, however, the noble intent of the OPP became politicalized, and often used by the ruling party in power at the time to foil the best plans of the party not in power.  As with most institutions run by men, corruption creeps in and law turns into color of law, then to lawlessness.

Here is an excerpt from the website, Republican Uprising, ran by my friend, Matthew Monforton:

Rep. Derek Skees’ bill, HB 340, would eliminate the office of Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP) and assign its duties to the Attorney General and the Secretary of State. The premise of the bill is that COPP has too much unfettered power which inevitably leads to abuse of that power by the commissioner.

We wish to thank Derek, who was gracious enough to take some time out of his extremely busy schedule to grant an interview to us at NorthWest Liberty News.  In the interview below, Derek goes into further detail on why he penned HB 340, and what he hopes to accomplish for the people who he represents in House District 11.



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