Special Agent in Charge of the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, Daniel P. Love, took to the witness stand and seems to have implicated the Obama Department of Justice in an entrapment scheme against the Bundy’s and their supporters.

Testifying via SKYPE from Salt Lake City, with several attorneys present in the room he testified in, Love testified that a laptop disappeared before he left the area and that he kept notes on his superiors from Washington DC usurping his authority during the protest.

Redoubt News reports:

The defense attorneys hammered him pretty hard when it came to questions about his two laptop computers. It has been previously reported that Love stated to colleagues that both laptops would be lost if he ever got in trouble.

Love finally dropped a little tidbit during testimony about a personal notebook that he had for this ‘Operation’. He claimed that it disappeared before he left the area. Love tells us that he kept notes on his superiors from Washington DC usurping his authority during the protest.

“I was documenting that others were making decisions even though I was designated the incident commander,” Love said.

Love continued to complain about the decisions being made overruling his authority. “We had a very robust communications plan that the government deviated from,” he said.

Love was very forthcoming on this information, yet he was surprisingly unaware of nearly everything else that happened during the cattle impoundment.

Love was on the stand for an entire day, and visibly drank at least three Diet Cokes as he testified. He came across as articulate but arrogant, and quite bitter over his recent firing from his high status in the BLM.

One thing that Love was very clear on was that the US Attorneys office was deeply involved in this operation. Acting US Attorney Myhre attempted to stop this line of questioning, stating that it would cross the line of “confidentiality”.

When attorneys Bret Whipple (who represents Cliven Bundy) and Dan Hill (who represents Ammon Bundy) questioned Love regarding Love’s phone calls with the U.S. Attorneys Office during the standoff, prosecutor Steven Myhre sternly objected. Whipple asked if (then-U. S. Attorney) Daniel Bogden had instructed Love to release the cattle. Myhre objected, claiming the U.S. Attorney had no authority to issue such an instruction. However, Daniel Love stated that the order to surrender and release the cows was given immediately after he spoke to Bogden.

So, was the DOJ, under Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, engaged in entrapment or were they not?

We know they were involved in the Oregon Malheur Refuge protest and the governor of Oregon was involved and directed like a good little useful idiot by the White House. We have the emails and texts to confirm her involvement in the arrests and shooting of LaVoy Finicum.

However, the question remains, did the DOJ, under Obama, engage in entrapment of the Bundys and their supporters?

Did Steven Myhre become an accomplice to this crime by prosecuting the men in the Bundy Ranch trials?

And was Daniel P. Love, a person who has been found to be morally and ethically challenged, played as a pawn by the DC government under Obama, used to engage in this criminal prosecution of innocent men to protect the unconstitutional land grabs of the central government in violation of the US Constitution?

BLM communications director Toni Suminski is set to take the stand, a man who was apparently engaged in shredding documents that would point to criminal activity of the BLM and the DC government.

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Did BLM Special Agent In Charge Implicate Obama’s DOJ in Bundy Ranch Standoff?

2 thoughts on “Did BLM Special Agent In Charge Implicate Obama’s DOJ in Bundy Ranch Standoff?

  • October 26, 2017 at 3:15 am

    The complicity of the Judge and Governor should also be investigated. Why is the murder of Lavoy Finicum not being investigated. The corruption of Federal Government Agencies is beyond acceptable. Where the hell is AG Sessions concerning this case? Drain the Swamp. “Justice, my ass”.

  • November 1, 2017 at 10:18 am

    DOJ somehow is still owned and run by the Clinton mafia. They only care about how they can profit out of anyone and anything. Unless Sessions or whoever under Righteous POTUS Trump now or ever actually prosecutes the real criminals. Which might include calling some of us to the stand for some of our own witness and testimony which should in turn profit each our own selves as well further pave the way for and Justice for All then also.
    DOJ and Trump now and since early 2011 in my cases alone has what they need if any of them want to do what is right for Americans and all humanity.

    Biblical and from the wisest king who ever walked this earth speaking. If or rather since,”there is a time for everything under the sun.” Then there is time to protect from prosecution local state and federal employees. And then there also is a time to prosecute them for what part of crime land criminal trespass against man and mans land they par took in then also!


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