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Picking the Lock on the Shackles of Tyranny ®

As Naomi Soria faces jail time and hefty fines for peacefully assembling in San Diego, she wonders why men have allowed women to be on the front lines against tyranny


james white              NorthWest Liberty News             April 26, 2020


Naomi Soria is not your ordinary Millennial.  In fact, she is quite the opposite as she seems to have a selflessness rarely shared by her contemporaries.

The 27 year-old caregiver and medical assistant who works with veterans, wounded-warriors and POW’s has sparked quite a movement in San Diego, as she stands side-by-side with other patriots against state tyranny.



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As Naomi continues to attend her “Freedom Rally” gatherings, she does so at great peril to her freedom and her pocketbook, as every time she attends she gets an additional 90 days in jail and an additional $1000 in fines.

Nonetheless, like a true Patriot she charges towards the tyranny.



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A mutual friend reached out to tell me about Naomi’s story and wondered if I would be interested in speaking with her, which I was delighted to do.

Naomi joined me earlier today on the eve of her next rally, one in which she knows, without a doubt, that she could be arrested for attending.

Please enjoy my interview with Naomi below and be sure to visit her Facebook page and give her your support.



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