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18-Year Old Montana House Candidate, Chet Billi, is Quite Inspiring

“In order for a man to prosper, he has to be free” –  Chet Billi


James White              NorthWest Liberty News


For a variety of reason that I will not go into here, not much really surprises me these days.  However, there is that rare occasion when something occurs which causes me to pause, or, better yet, even inspires me.  I experienced one of those rare times this past weekend as I was invited to record the local Patriot’s Rally here in Kalispell, Montana; during which I was fortunate enough to get Montana HD 5 candidate, Chet Billi’s short, but inspiring, speech on video.


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Battle Rifle Ready

    As the sideshow surrounding the race to be president of the US rages on, it is a great time to be reminded that ALL politics is local; and support of your local representatives will get you much better traction than from anyone in D.C.  With that thought in mind, enter Chet Billi.  Chet is 18-years old, but he sounds like he has the wisdom of someone a quarter-century his senior.  To boot, Chet Billi showed up at the Patriot’s Day rally not to promote himself, but to carry a battle rifle in support of his constitutional rights.  Mr. Billi is exactly the type of candidate that this country needs right now, in my humble opinion.


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A History of Freedom

    As you watch the video below, keep in mind that Chet Billi is no stranger to the principles of freedom, liberty and personal protection; as he launched a ballot initiative last year that would allow teachers to be armed in Montana’s public schools.  Here is a quote from an article on the subject, courtesy of KRTV:

“The first thing the government seeks to do is take guns out of the hands of the very people who could have prevented the incident.”  Chet Billi


Again, the time is now to support Chet Billi and all candidates who share his same love for our nation and for our Constitution.  I hope you enjoy the inspiring video linked below.


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