Will Montana Soon Fall Victim to Refugee Islamafication?


Relatively immune until now, Montana is being positioned for a flood of “refugees” over the next 18 months, as the IRC is urged to open offices in heavily populated Missoula, Montana

(Kalispell, MT) The northwestern state of Montana is known for its picturesque beauty, national parks and world-class outdoor recreation. Soon, however, Montana may be known for Islamafication; as Montana is being positioned to be just one more stop for hundreds of un-vetted and potentially dangerous “refugees,” as part of the Refugee Resettlement Program.


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To be clear, NorthWest Liberty News is not against legal immigration to America. We are, however, against private agencies who have nothing more than a profit motive to relocate anyone to America who has a pulse.
One such agency, the International Rescue Committee, or IRC, is being drafted to open shop in one of Montana’s largest cities, Missoula. The IRC is responsible for relocating 1000’s of refugees across America, and their presence in Missoula is strongly opposed by NorthWest Liberty News. Thankfully, we are not alone here in the Flathead Valley region, as the local ACT! For America chapter has made great strides to expose the Islamafication of Montana, and have planned a rally this coming weekend to oppose any resettlement without properly vetting ALL proposed refugees.


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Last week, ACT! For America held their monthly member’s meeting; a meeting which I am contracted to record and archive. The topic of the meeting was the Islamafication of America, and the speaker was expert on Radical Islam, Tom Osborne. Tom is widely recognized as an expert on Islam and Radical Islam, specifically. If you are unclear to the breadth and scope of the Islamafication of America that is currently underway, please take the time to listen to the following podcast, or view the video if you prefer.


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  1. this shocking footage tells all:
    the forced influx upon the American people seems to be a war on western civilization. global research dot ca -outlines how western countries do run the only black clothed bad guys owning Toyota Land Cruisers, far as the eye can see…..completing secret society’s vision of hegemony and power, as the book, ‘The Grand Chessboard’ details. (Bzig) Along with blowback from the invasions and massive killing in Syria and other like countries, now the people flee tyranny. Although, in Germany and Sweden etc., the jihadists are told to rape western women and destroy the culture. Mike Savage was right on one thing, the name of one book, ‘The enemy within’. The globalists are running our so called and paid off politicians. Don’t they care about our country and culture? Perhaps Agenda 21 and treating us like cattle is the aim

  2. WELL,america has a BIG problem now,YOU let your women put every Alpha Male in prison,70% of america men are,or were on paper as felons,they can’t own a weapon and THEY CAN’T VOTE,yet 80% of women can VOTE,and every election goes the way your women want,and THEY HATE WHITE MEN,but they do love dark skined men,GUESS WHAT,you can’t do anything now except get ready to fight the criminals running your country the women put there,AND THE WAR IN BURNS OREGON IS PROOF,you’ve LOST YOUR COUNTRY TO THE STUPID WOMEN VOTERS IN AMERICA,And they will be counting on you to protect them from what THEY DID,so considering how cowardly and yellow american men are,GET READY TO MEET THE LORD,and its funny,he warned you NOT to let your women vote or have a say in anything,they were to be your helpers,not run the country,well now the blood will run in the streets everywhere………

    • Wow. It’s nice to know the problem can be so succinctly bulls-eyed as to the cause. Dare I say you will welcome them with open arms since they, in general are misogynists such as you seem to be…..or….are you one OF them? Hmmm…it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • I agree. I do not know about your statistics but I agree women should not have been allowed to vote. I also believe that only White males who own property should be allowed to vote. But alas, it is too late for America and Europe. We are under a curse. The White males who ran the Western Civilization turned their backs on God. The land is being given to another.

    • God originally intended man and woman to be equal (Adam AND Eve) to balance each other out like the wings of a bird. One cannot fly without the other. However the MEN in the Christian church didn’t like that plan and so taught women that they were only a little bit higher than cattle as far as value. That is why women demanded the right to vote and own property. Being thought of and treated like cattle is not something that would appeal to any human being. First the pendulum swung too far to the right now it is swinging to far to the left. Sooner or later we will have to learn to live in UNITY (No more hierarchy) so the pendulum can swing in the middle.

      • Not sure what bible you’re reading, but from what I read, Adam – that is, the Man, was to be the leader of his family, including his help mate, the Woman. Someone has to be the leader. What’s happened now, is Women are leading and Men have turned into cucks and the many of the few real Men left are deciding not to get married because the legal system ruins them financially should the marriage fail, and a majority do, eventually.
        The nation was set up the way it was for good reason. White Male Property owners vote, that is, make the decisions.
        We’ve departed from that Standard and anyone can now see the results for themselves.

  3. Excuse me? Who the hell are you? To speak for American women. You obviously are NOT born in this country or have any idea what our country is about so shut up or go home.

  4. America, should have never ever let that very first slamic mosque be built.
    It’s a horrific virus, that if left unchecked will destroy everything in it’s path.

    • Montana, Texas, Calif., Fla. will be trashed along with Mich. and other states taking in these 7th century savages. I hope Montana folks will put a stop to this now. This country’s future is zero.

  5. In Wyoming, it was discovered the RINO Governor Mead worked out a drug deal with the Obama administration to take in refugees. When confronted about this, his spokeshole denied and lied.

    So in every state you see an influx of refugees you need to start at the top – this wouldn’t happen unless the state governor gave a wink and nod to Obama.

  6. there is a rally in missoula in protest of this on february 1st, 10 am in front of the missoula county courthouse, sponsored by overpasses for montana. i urge you all to attend

    • I will be there also! Please, everyone we need to see you turn out for the rally in Missoula, on February 1st! This is our only chance to show we are against any of the refugee resettlement of Islamic persons in Missoula. Please, try and make it. The ” Welcoming New Americans” push is on at whitehouse.gov. and they DO NOT have your best interest at heart!

      • I hope your rally was a success. A rally is a one-time thing. The power elite probably will succeed in ramming refugees down our throats. Long term victory goes to the side that knows its adversary the best. Every opinion shaping organ in society is promoting the “religion of peace” poppycock. Doing Islam’s work for it. THE ONLY chance we have to defeat creeping Sharia is if you know mainstream Islam better than its apologists do. http://www.CSPIpublishing.com. politicalislam on Youtube. Facts rule over opinions. Islam has murdered 270 million people and conquered scores of cultures across 1400 years. It subverts a society the same way every time because it takes Mohammed as its model. Those facts are learnable. Snarky comments about Islam spoken from ignorance do as little to stop it as throwing snowballs at a Panzer tank.

  7. “We are, however, against private agencies who have nothing more than a profit motive to relocate anyone to America who has a pulse.”

    Sadly it’s far worse than just profit. They are using migrants as weapons in a covert war.

    Strategic Engineered Migration as a Weapon of War


    In recent years, it has been widely argued that a new and different armament – i.e., the refugee as weapon – has entered the world’s arsenals. But just how new and different is this weapon? Can it only be used in wartime? And just how successful has been its exploitation? Using a combination of statistical data and case study analysis, this article tackles these questions and provides a detailed examination of the instrumental manipulation of population movements as political and military weapons of war. In addition to ‘mapping the terrain’ of the issue by providing a comprehensive typology of the most common means by – and desired ends for – which displaced persons have been used as political and military weapons since the end of the Cold War, the author also provides a portrait of the identities of the kinds of actors most likely to engage in this kind of exploitation. She also proposes an explanation for what motivates them to resort – and apparently increasingly so – to the use of this unconventional policy tool, despite the reputational and potential retributive costs of doing so.

    Treason anyone?

  8. Muslims never integrated in this very beautiful land at all. They need all go back to home now. Why they come here any way. We do not need them and will fight to death against them . I am myself escaped the rat of Muslims. We need to stop all Masques in North America now or we will not homeland any more. Why Saudis get all American protection then never allows build a church etc. Why do permit them use our laws against ourselves.We must unite and vote some one good for this country or we all become refugees to other nations soon? Baha’is are also need to be watched they are agent of NWO and UN and World Government and shadow religion of NWO?

  9. As it stands now, the Constitution does not allow for a woman president. I say this because just as the drafters (who were all men) only gave men the right to vote it is clear that they also intended that only a man could be president. This is shown by Sections 1, 2 and 3 of Article II which make it clear, by the use (twenty times) of the masculine pronouns, “he” and “his”, that the drafters wanted only a man to be president. Another point supporting this conclusion is who among the drafters would have thought that a woman could/should be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States?

    So, just as it took a Constitutional amendment to give women the right to vote so too will it take another one to give Hillary Clinton and other women the right to serve as president.
    – See more at: http://www.thomhartmann.com/forum/2012/03/does-constitution-prohibit-women-becoming-president#sthash.Oqn1hNKV.dpuf

  10. There hear to take the country for Islam. DO WE REALLY HAVE TO ENDURE THESE PEOPLE WHO PREACH AND CONDONE MURDER ? Their Koran says to kill the infidels, that is anyone who doesn’t convert to Islam.

  11. Bringing all these welfare rats here is one big mistake and should not be done under any terms. We the people of the US are allowing the UN and the government here to dictate to us, the people who we allow in this country. Foolish by all means. Why cannot Saudi Arabia house over 500,000 of them in the tents that they have? Force them as the liberals are forcing us. Why cannot we give them food, tents and clothing as we have other countries? Can someone answer that? Why do we have to bring this problem here and watch our nation suffer from the hands of these demonic creatures? Can someone answer that? They cannot even live by our Constitution!

  12. Do what you can to encourage all the “sanctuary cities” San Francisco and Chicago, the twin cities, etc to take the veiled wenches and the bearded non-pork eaters in to the high rises of the modern urban world. I have visited Montana, and I fell in love with it,buy couldn’t stay, so why should a guy and his American family who have to work for a living and who just can’t quit his job, etc. will have to lose his chance to live in a great part of the country because some damn rug praying goat faced goons want us to change for their own comfort and cult.

  13. Tom Osborne taught me SOOO much; this man is so full of knowledge! And. he is a wonderful presenter! Plan to listen again!! Thank you James….

  14. Islam is religion of devil. All Muslims want our destructions from Iran ,Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and etc.. We have to admit to ourself that we do it to ourself.
    Why Obama want them in North America get food stamps and say death to Americans and death to Israel.free health cares and Americans have to pay so much out of pocket expenses. Mohammad is lier and Muslims follow him. 98 percent of Muslims are against our constitution, Please watch X files and Colony. Predictive programing. We will not have a USA any more indeed. Stock is crashing sooner than later. Italians are jamming banks to get money out sooner than have nothing. We all must go unite get money out of banks now. It is simple act against cabals. Why do we pay dues to UN? Why Donald trump is not genuine? We have no body good this time again? Again we vote for worst?Wakeup Or all we die. Black List also is predictive programming also.

    • There’s plenty of them in Michigan, so don’t rely on cold weather. I was in Europe last year and there’s muslims everywhere. If you don’t stop this now, it’s too late. They will simply out-breed you.

  15. Neda and Mohammad and others all are true what saying how ever in Syria Iraq and Iran all of them has snow , they are all from villages never been in the town, they are so rude and arrogant s, they are all trained to be spies.
    They will take over this country and martial law and civil war between whites blacks and Muslims are on the horizon’s indeed. If we all are not wake up before they push the agenda of New World Order and micro chips and National ID cards. Then better we all surrender to the Muslims??Fema Camps are not better than Muslims?? By Theodore Shoebat A Muslim in Minneapolis named Ahmed Hersi grabbed a ten year old in an elevator, took her to a hallway and then raped her. Here is the photo of this repulsive heretic: According to a report: A Minneapolis man has been charged after police say he raped a 10-year-old girl in elevator. SWEDEN: ‘Teenage’ Muslim migrant stabs Swedish refugee center worker to death. The Mexican Drug Cartel Is Kidnapping Thousands Of Innocent People, They Open Up Their Bodies, Rip Out Their Organs And Sell Them, They Are Also Cannibalizing The Organs In Satanic Rituals And Selling Each Body For $100,000 Each. MORE MUSLIM ANIMAL ABUSE: Killing a donkey for fun (Viewer discretion advised). shoebat.com

  16. Try making friends with a mooslim… watch their eyes.
    After 911, I made a study of this ideology pretending to be a religion, and I found, that even then, our leaders were lying to us. They are scared to death of creating a holy war, there is no leadership in this country anymore. How can leaders lead when they cannot define the enemy? How we know who Islam is, when we cannot define it?
    I found out that returning to the original meaning of words is a useful exercise, that reveals much in the way of truth. In this case, we are told that Islam means; Peace… right? Not exactly, in the original Arabic, the word Islam means;
    “There will be PEACE, when all the world submits to the will of allah.” (little ‘a’ in allah deliberate.)

    There is only ONE way to interpret this.
    WE the People are the power in this country, and Trump is right, shut down all the Mosques. Those who scream the loudest are The Enemy of Christendom.

  17. THE MUSLIMS WILL BURY YOU SO GENTLY THAT YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW YOU ARE DEAD……………….until it is too late………..and you hear the sound of the dirt being thrown on top of your casket.

  18. Most focus on the symptoms, not the source. This current immigration / invasion of non-White Europeans into the United States originated with the 1965 Immigration Act, pushed through Congress by Jacob Javits and Emmanuel Celler. I can’t mention their ethnic backgrounds because all of you have been programmed to label me an antisemite (and a bigot and a hater and intolerant) if I do.

  19. I think once these waves of people see just how nice and how much space there is to do their training and goat-herding they will want to stay and BRING in all the relatives and friends, Montana cold or not, they’ll be pooling their money together to open stores and buildings and schools and places where they go face down on the rug, but why should they get financial support to do this?

  20. Back home in their sand pit they use their left hand to clean themselves after a #2. They consider it a gross affront to show your left hand to them. I think we should all be real welcoming and use our left hands to wave at them when they get here. I know for a fact it really gets to them, as I have done it myself and I got a murderous look from the little gal I was real ‘friendly’ with. LOL

  21. ‘Weather Wars’, FEMA Camps And The ‘Takeover Of America’ – Was The ‘X-Files’ A Dire Warning To America Of What’s To Come Or More Predictive Programming Preparing Us For A ‘Coming Event’s? By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

    Like millions of other Americans, Susan Duclos and I sat back Sunday night and watched the long-awaited premier of the X-Files, a show that both of us had come to enjoy watching back in the 1990’s and a show that I can personally say helped to solidify my interest back then as a young man in ‘all the things we’re not being told and lied to about’ by our government.

    As we watched the episode (you can see an extremely important part of the show in the 2nd video below from Sgt Report), we saw many of the very same topics that we have been writing about on ANP being exposed to a massive audience on mainstream television.

    From FEMA camps to the takeover of America to ‘free energy’ to the UFO conspiracy to the fact that ‘the government’ believes they can freely murder anybody they want to at any time of their choosing, were we watching a dire warning to America from X-Files creator Chris Carter or a massive attempt to ‘predictively program’ the American people?

    Whether or not we like the show we have to agree, Sunday night’s show instantly helped to expose over 13 million TV viewers to the topic of Weather Wars, a topic written about by Steve Quayle in his book “Weather Wars” many years ago. Millions of Americans who had never heard of HAARP, government control of food and medicines and many other topics that alternative news outlets have been pounding upon to try to awaken the American people for several years now were instantly exposed to them.
    Mohamed was a child abuser and also he was play boy of Saudi Arabia?
    Many wives of Mohamed was the play boys of his productions. Never trust a Muslim because they will turn around and behead you.. So we must be ready with our guns for the time a Muslim comes to your home.All of this leads us to ask, will this be the only season of the X-Files ‘revisited’ with the govt soon to shut them down? Or, is the X-Files being used to ‘awaken’ millions of Americans to the possibilities that it has raised here? One more question to consider; will X-Files be used to lead Americans down ‘the wrong’ path as Mulder clearly believes they led him?

    Is it only a coincidence that X-Files brought up ‘ununpentium’, also known as ‘Element 115’, a real ‘element’ that was only just months ago added to the periodic table? Is it only a coincidence that ‘Element 115’ was studied by Area 51 researcher Bob Lazar and is believed to help generate the gravity field for ‘flying saucers’?

  22. To whom it concerns: I lost the records of the BLM, because my computer
    started on fire and burned everything. So, I am saying did you know that
    the BLM is a foreign enity, not the fed. gov. It is based in Argentina, South
    America, right next to GW Bush 20,000 acre land he acquired a couple of yrs ago. That is a little interesting in its self. You can find the info on their site.
    It is all an illusion and lies that they can just come and take, constitution or not.

  23. This country is finished. Its people have been conditioned to accept and comply with every government law and regulation without so much as a peep. State by state will fall into chaos and destruction once these savages are released. They have been bringing them here since 2011. They now sneak them up through busses at 8 buss fulls a day. They do not “boat” them here in mass quantities aa they do in Europe because the American people still have their GUNS. The biggest thorn in the “Elite’s ” side yet. Refugees are being taken care of here very quietly, and soon will be released on all the states. The destruction of the West is just moments away.

    • There’s so many people middle-class middle aged VOTING Americans that are starting to wake up to hell’s goons showing up in our living rooms. This may be where we collectively “grow a pair” and do what’s needed to save the nation.

  24. I gave a speech at one of the Toastmasters Clubs in Missoula four years ago this month titled, “Whose Nation Is This, Anyway?” where I discussed the 1965 Immigration Act and the influx of non-White invaders into the US. The reception to my speech was so cold, mercury in the room would have froze. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the room was for the influx. I was the pariah. Good luck keeping the invaders out. The Missoula TM club members will probably invite these “immigrants” to come stay with them.

  25. Muslims Enter Christian Neighborhood And Butcher Twenty Six People In Major Massacre. By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Nigeria entered a predominantly Christian community and slaughtered twenty six people in a major massacre. According to one report: Suicide attacks on two predominantly Christian communities in northeast Nigeria this week left at least 26 persons dead and dozens of others injured, sources said. MUST SEE! Gutsy German woman beats the crap out of Muslim who is harassing women in the street.In the face of rampant rapes and sexual attacks by Muslim migrants and their collaborators, German women start taking the law into their own hands in their defense as police are reluctant to arrest Muslims, by order of the Merkel government. These Muslims are all animals
    and we need all militia united and have a security forces all over USA to prevent any Muslims to rape or kill USA nationals. GERMAN-born Iranian Muslim kills 20-year-old German woman by pushing her into the path of an oncoming subway train.

  26. I don’t live in Montana but you people need to stand up if you don’t want your women to get attacked, slowly have sharia shoved down your throats. Stop this in its tracks now before it is too late.

  27. http://www.CSPIpublishing.com
    http://www.politicalislam.com on Youtube

    Those refugees aren’t seeking sanctuary. They are there to colonize you for Islam. When the thrice-orphaned Mohammed’s patron and influential person in Mecca, his Uncle Talib died, the hitherto tolerant Meccans threw him out because he had been disrupting their society every possible way. Islamic time isn’t measured from his birth. It’s A.H. After Haijj … after his emigration to Medina, where his vastly successful warlord years happened. Emigration, get it? Islam has murdered 270 million people across 1400 years; annihilated scores of cultures. The template for doing that is not random chance … it’s proven across centuries. Why tamper with something that has worked for 1400 years.? Wake up, Redoubters. Hurling insults at Islam, chest thumping, does them no harm and us no good. Professional militaries gather actionable info on their opponents. You can too. Watch the videos from Center for the Study of Political Islam cited above. The Sira, Mohammed’s life, and the Hadith, eye-witness stories about what he said and did, are the eternal and universal guide to Muslim behavior. Their gameplan. Forewarned is forearmed.

  28. I have begun spraying a solution of water infused with pig juice on and around my property. I encourage every Montanan to do the same and to publicize this act. I will place a small amount of pig juice in my automobile fuel to insure that swine fumes are being dispersed into Montana’s air. I will take advantage of every opportunity that I have to spread swine product around this state. Please feel free to copy this and come up with more creative ways to “soil” Montana with traces of swine to insure that it becomes common knowledge that Montana is bathed in swine/pig residue.

    • I have always been told pigs can get mean and may even attack their owners later in their years, but lately I have developed a newfound unexplainable affection for these animals. I have the space, why not have a few running around the property to keep an eye on things when I’m not at home, ’cause I hear they’re real smart, even able to recognize intruders, you know the type.

  29. Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center

    A group of Muslim men recently went into a Christian district in Pakistan, abducted a 7-year-old boy, and took turns gang raping him before finally strangling him to death with a rope. Locals found the child’s body dumped in a field the next day:

    [T]he body was sent for post-mortem examination which revealed that the 7-year-old was killed after being brutally raped…. Speaking to The Express Tribune, a local said, “The suspects belonged to rich families and were drunk when they kidnapped the child and took him to their dera where they raped him.

    Interestingly, while the NY Daily News, the Independent, and other media state that the boy was seized from a “Christian district,” the original report, published by one Kashif Zafar in the International New York Times’ Express Tribune, avoids mentioning the religious identity of either rapists or raped. It even fails to mention that this atrocity took place in Pakistan and merely names the region, Bahawalnagar, in both the title and body of the report, though few have any clue what country Bahawalnagar is located in.

    Perhaps the NYT’s Express Tribune does not want readers to connect the dots and realize that “rich and drunk” Muslims regularly rape and kill Christian “infidels” in Pakistan. One week after this 7-year-old boy was gang raped and murdered, another group of reportedly “rich and drunk” Muslims in a car accosted three Christian girls walking home from work. They sexually harassed them, saying “Christian girls are only meant for one thing, the pleasure of Muslim men.” When the girls tried to run away, the Muslims chased them down in their car and ran them over, killing one girl, 17-year-old Kiran.

    While Muslim men regularly and openly prey on Christian girls in Pakistan, even the gang rape and murder of Christian boys is not as aberrant as the Express Tribune would have people think. Back in 2012, Samuel Yaqoob, aged 11, went to the markets of Faisalabad to buy food for his family and never returned. Like the 7-year-old boy mentioned above, Samuel’s body was “found near a drain in the Christian colony, bearing marks of horrific torture, with the murder weapon nearby. His nose, lips and belly had been sliced off, and his family could hardly recognize him because the body was so badly burnt.” Autopsy found “23 wounds by a sharp weapon” and indications “of sodomy.”

    According to Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association,

    Parts of Pakistani culture have a strong homosexual pederast culture, and Christian and other minority boys are especially susceptible to rape and abuse because of the powerlessness of their community and their despised status.”

    Chowdhry goes on to mention another case where “a Christian boy was kidnapped, raped, tortured and killed by a police officer, his body similarly being dumped in a drain.”

    Some might argue that such behavior—at the very least the homosexual rape—is un-Islamic, and thus Islam is innocent of the behavior of these Muslim child rapists. Yet this sort of thinking fails to realize that the dehumanization of non-Muslims is Islamic so that even non-practicing Muslims—such as drunk and/or homosexual Muslims—are conditioned to look down upon Christian “infidels,” deeming it their right to use and abuse them at will. Muslim police and local authorities look the other way for the same religio-cultural bias against “infidels.”

    Because Islamic culture engenders contempt for all non-Muslims, no “infidel” is sacrosanct. In 2014 in neighboring Bangladesh, 60 Muslim men invaded a convent in the cover of night and attempted to rape its European-born Christian nuns who had dedicated their lives to serving the Muslim poor of Bangladesh.

    Speaking of Europe, as Muslim numbers continue to grow there, the sexual dehumanization of European children—including boys—is on the rise. A few days ago in Austria, a mother in a public swimming pool with her children “noticed six foreigners aged between 30 and 40 years old in the indoor pool. Two were sitting on the edge of the children’s pool. One of them sidled up next to my youngest, and had his hands in his underwear.”

    And so again we see Islam’s Rule of Numbers at work: where Muslim numbers grow so too do acts of Muslim violence against and sexual abuse of non-Muslims grow with them.

  30. Government at every level. Public schools. Clergy who know nothing about mainstream Islam. Academics teaching “religion of peace.” The compliant media. They ALL spread the “Official Islam” people of the Book, we all worship the same god poppycock. Chest thumping and uninformed insults [DOES ISLAM NO HARM AND US NO GOOD] All the opinion peddling and belief shaping parts of society are DOING Islam’s work FOR IT. Making cracks about “pig blood” is like throwing snowballs at a Panzer column. Learning facts is as easy as watching a video, cited above. If you know nothing about the adversary, while your government busies itself helping him, remaining uninformed is slow suicide. Wake up.

  31. He Cries Himself Every Night To Sleep Since The Attack- Update On The 10-Year-Old Who Was Anally Raped By That Muslim Refugee Because “I Needed Sex”- Police Say They Must Be “Sensitive” About “Migrants” because “They Have Been Through A Lot”Notice how there are so few pictures of the woman for this story, or how this story is hardly to be found online, reported on only from a local newspaper.

    This is one way of how the European governments are trying to cover up “refugee” crimes- by not reporting them or reporting on them as little more than a small article in a local paper.

    From the UK Daily Mail:


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