Ryan Bundy – The Next Governor of Nevada?


Rancher Ryan Bundy has thrown his hat in the ring for the Nevada Gubernatorial race


Would you like to live in a state where the lessons taught in public school focused on the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights?  How about living in a state that offered classes, in all schools, highlighting proper firearm handling and safety?  If this utopia sounds impossible, think again.  Rancher Ryan Bundy wants to make that and much more a reality if he is elected Governor of the great state of Nevada.  Click the link below to hear Ryan Bundy lay it all out in his own words.


Watch Video Interview Here


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  1. I am a Nevada voter. And Ryan will have my vote, but then, so did Ross Perot. Sometimes it is not winning that is the most important thing, and he will certainly have a lot fo money against him, but when you go into that voting booth do you really want another attorney representing your best interests, or just a common man who is one with you.


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