With nearly a million dollars missing and board membership cut in half, the leadership of Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center need to stop the bleeding



I must say that I have not, as a whole, met a finer group of men than the Montana Cowboy; and I have had the great pleasure of meeting quite a few in my more than seven years here in the Treasure State.

So when I find out that nearly a million dollars has been absconded from the treasury of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame, it understandably brings me some concern.  In addition, the membership has been cut in half recently.

Bob Sivertsen is a farmer, rancher and auctioneer from Havre, Montana.  Bob served as a legislator from 1974 thru 1982 and was inducted into the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2013.  Bob is also a board member and is greatly concerned about the future of the MCHF.

Bob reached out to me to help him get his concerns about the direction of the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame out to the general public, which I was happy to do.  Please click the link to the video below to get the scoop on the MCHF.






What’s Going On at the Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame?

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