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Whatever Power You Give Politicians & Bureaucrats to use against Others Today will be used by Future Ones against You

“Here’s the short version. Whatever power you give politicians and bureaucrats to use against other people will eventually be used by future politicians and bureaucrats against you.” -Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center

The Tenth Amendment is one of the clearest evidences that the central government of the united States is not supreme over the sovereign states.

In this recent short clip from the Tenth Amendment Center, TAC founder Michael Boldin explains briefly why the latest move by those in central government to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens via a secret list is unconstitutional and dangerous.

“Some people are calling for the federal government to restrict the right to keep and bear arms of people who are on the federal government’s terrorism watch list,” said Boldin. “This is not only unconstitutional, but sets and extremely dangerous precedent for all our rights.”

“If the federal government can take away someone else’s right to defend themselves simply because it has unilaterally decided to place them on a secret, wildly inaccurate list that’s virtually impossible to be removed from, eventually, some bureaucrat is going to find some way to put you on that list for another reason,” he continued.

Boldin then went on to cite some of America’s founders.

Most notably, Boldin reference Patrick Henry. During the Virginia ratifying convention, he said:

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

Mr. Boldin then broke that down in the simplest of terms.

“Whatever power you give politicians and bureaucrats to use against other people will eventually be used by future politicians and bureaucrats against you.”

If you don’t believe that, just take a look at the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act put forth by Congress and approved of by the George W. Bush administration, which Americans cheered for because they were scared of Islamic terrorism, rather than take responsibility and demand that such legislation not be enacted because it was criminal and tyrannical. That also led to the unconstitutional agency known as the Department of Homeland Security and the federalizing of airport security, which openly violates the Fourth Amendment.

Later, the Obama administration and Congress decided to make America a battlefield and in the National Defense Authorization Act approval of indefinitely holding people without trial or attorney, violating their rights protected under the Fifth Amendment.

The problem with the legislation passed it that it is in direct violation of the Constitution that these people swore to uphold. Therefore, it is null and void and those who supported any of this should be held accountable for their crimes, yes crimes, against the American people. The question now is, when are the American people going to stand with the Tenth Amendment and deal with these people as sovereign countries?

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