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“How The West Was Lost”-The Threat from the U.N. of Agenda 21; Interview with Debbie Bacigalupi

“Global warming”. “Climate change”.

“Smart growth”. “Sustainable development”.

In the name of “going green”, the people of the United States are losing access to our lands natural resources. The people of the country who continue to pay rising energy costs; continue to pay taxes towards “sustainable” programs and legislation.

It is from these spanning populations where we hear an increasing number of environmentally-charged federal attacks on private citizens’ rights and properties. The Western States bear the brunt of the surreptitious seizures.

Here, in Montana, this last passing summer, a man was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison &  ordered to pay $129,933 in “restitution” fees. And what illegality did this man commit? What caused the EPA to file a criminal charge worth a year and a half of his then-77-year life; and a large chunk of his savings?   Digging a few horse-watering holes on his property.

One year earlier, the EPA had severely polluted the Animas River. And for such atrocity, which corporate board member stood trial and payed money? What employee or supervisor traded 18 months of life-time for time-served? The EPA faced no charge for the billion-plus dollar damage to those downstream of the spill.

Looking further into these, and many other recent cases of “environmental crimes”, one can begin to feel the (figurative) vice, clamping down. Through expansion of regulations & legislation, the feds are coming for the land, and all the resources on it- that keep us, the people, alive.


This threat warning is not an exaggeration. Any Northwest American can see, even in their local news feed, stories of stealth command-control from the feds. Residents facing fines for heating homes with woodburning stoves. Reports of water rights withdrawn from municipalities. Farmers forbidden from shooting wolves that are putting waste to their livestock herd. Agents taking out cattle from family-farmed lands.  Escalating battles which have ended in civilians’injuries and even death.




These same attacking agencies are breaking their own rules, doing more to decimate the environment rather than protect it. They dump 888,000 pounds of toxic metal into water supply, winning control of a superfund site and unlimited regional funding. They propagate pesticides, poisoning species at a genetic-level, killing off bees and effecting the entire food chain.  Through the range of effect-based operations, regional populations are losing both land and tax funds to the ‘powers-that-be’. Furthermore, these stolen resources are all part of a more nefarious plan. High-level employees of the EPA have come out and admitted that the organization is “corrupt to the core”; and working, essentially, on population-control, pretending to act in the name of nature and preservation. 

America and the UN

Debbie Bacigalupi , an activist and filmmaker, is currently embarked in a nation-wide engagement of exposition. Touring through cities and country, touting the truth; she speaks out about the U.N. unmaking America. Raised on rural cattle ranch in the Pacific NorthWest, Debbie graduated from school, straight into a career at Google, in the NorCal metropolis of San Francisco. The duality of discussion of ‘the environment’ versus ‘personal property rights’ between her two “homes” was drastically different; to her, it seemed as a signal, calling her to action against the overall source of the regional ideological division. The EPA, a disgrace in “enviromental protection”, is not the main perpetrator against our population.

In the interview (linked below), Debbie and I speak about the concerns that all Americans are facing in the U.N. undulations of Agenda 21. Touching on the topics of water rights, personal property provisions, land reformation and reclamation, and local council contracts; all as means for the consignment of “Mother Earth” as mandate in a covert collusion of global control.

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