A Utah sheriff has put out the word that he will not allow his county to be overrun by the unconstitutional Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service, and has gone so far as to warn the BLM that he will “deputize everyone and arrest all federal agents” should they enter his county in a similar manner to that of those in Nevada and Oregon.

Sheriff Marty Gleave has been serving the countsy he is in as sheriff for nearly 25 years. According to Gleave, all he has seen is that things “get progressively worse and worse and worse with the so-called land police.”

Gleave serves Piute County, which is the second smallest county by population in Utah. However, following the protests in Oregon, the arrests of many protesters at Bundy Ranch, including Cliven Bundy and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, Gleave addressed the Rural Caucus of the Utah State legislature on February 12, 2016.

At the center of a conflict in dispute between Sheriff Gleave and the US Forest Service is Gleave’s uncle Stanton Gleave, a longtime rancher in the county.

“You know, we’ve got FBI, DEA, ATF and ICE,” Sheriff Gleave said. “We’ve always been able to work with them people because they would only come and do major felony cases and different things like that. So, they were always out of the way until we needed them.”

However, he then singled out the BLM for what they have been involved in.

“We’ve got a Bureau of Land Management police and Forest Service police who are out doing the same exact jobs that my deputies can do and every other deputy sheriff and sheriff can do,” Gleave added.

Sheriff Gleave went on to elaborate about some of those things that could be handled by the sheriffs and their deputies. Even though I disagree that those things should not be handled by any sheriff, police or federal agent, I’ll leave that aside not to distract from his point.

Gleave referred to the feds, particularly the Forest Service and BLM, as “mismanagement” of their pretended authority. Take a listen to some of the many examples that Sheriff Gleave presents that the feds have caused problems for the wildlife and for the people, then failed to follow up on.

The Utah Sheriff also made a point in the video that men can abuse their authority and used himself as an example to demonstrate that if he wanted to abuse the authority entrusted to him by the people, he could have people in jail every day. However, he knows that would be wrong and lawless.

Gleave said that he was not a fan of the militia showing up in his county because he had a militia, the people. The sheriff even pointed them out. Good for him, and good for them!

“We’re not taking no more cuts on the Mountain. I’ll deputize every man, woman and child in the county to stop what’s going on,” Sheriff Gleave concluded.

Friends, this is what is needed, constitutional sheriffs. Furthermore, presidential candidates don’t just need to be held to the status quo. They need to be asked if they will seek the dismantling of the unconstitutional agencies like the BLM, the Forest Service, the ATF, the DEA, the Department of Education and Homeland Security. The heads of these organizations don’t answer to the people. They are appointed bureaucrats who infringe on the rights of the people and violate the US Constitution.

Until we are ready to eliminate and decentralize the Beast, we don’t need to complain about it. The Beast has shed its chains and has showed us its true form. The People must either restrain it, which is unlikely, or kill it. There is no other solution.

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Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I will Deputize Every Man, Woman and Child” to Stop Federal Agents”

4 thoughts on “Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I will Deputize Every Man, Woman and Child” to Stop Federal Agents”

  • March 25, 2016 at 7:45 am

    Sheriff Marty Gleave isn’t a fan of militia showing up there to support him and watch his back as much as I’m not a fan of having offshore Bank funded limitless untraceable amounts of cash given to and paid for color of law government assassins and hit men to be inserted in and among him. So since I have a spiritual body and spiritual family and spiritual army that doesn’t leave everyone’s security and self defense up to just only themselves,their loved ones,their community who they might know and trust. And because we all are our brothers keeper if we are and have the fruits capable of doing that successfully in the past. So all sheriff Gleave’s most closest and most trusted who have him and his back. In my spiritual body and from my spiritual family and from my spiritual army. We’ve got those peoples backs who are watching and got sheriff Gleave’s back. And mine will take down and out any assassin spiritually or otherwise right when they are going to try to pull it off because We’ve got the backs of those who have the backs of the most valued and most important in the Country from coast to coast. Because it’s a spiritual battle. And most people do not have what it takes to be left standing and remain living and active and sharper then any two edged sword with their own lives,bodies and words even. Let alone who they oath to protect and serve also. Because most people even really good one’s are entirely biblically illiterate. And most of those too are entirely unappraised at the spiritual battle and so little to no real depth of discernment and character identification is often employed inside well meaning and good intentioned people like this sheriff Gleane. So the pathway to Hell remains paved with good intentions. But good intentions and good speaking and good people all around anyone for any just cause isn’t going to be good enough. People everywhere will sooner or later (sooner is better) have to start to rely and at least somewhat trust those of us connected to them in their spirit and conscious to make just as good if not better decision then they can about maintenance of life,livelihood,liberty and humanity defense. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life and his help also comes in the Universal body of Christ who is the One True non denominational church. So as much as I really really like this sheriff Gleane who sounds most Constitutional and empowering by deputizing anyone and everyone else man woman and child to take a stand against the Feds overreach if when need be. If Gleane had any spiritual aptitude. Any real biblical understanding and spiritual appraisment. Any knowledge and any wisdom in all his years of death cults and how they operate? Then bare minimum when he said he would deputize every man woman and child to stand against the Feds he would have at least inserted one exclusion being a man and sheriff in Utah. And I don’t mean this to sound divide and concur because it already is there and doing that. I would have said when I made that statement that I would NOT knowingly deputize anyone who was from the Mormon church of latter day saints currently or anytime in the past. Because as nice and wonderful preppers as many of those good decent secular folks really are. The Mormons are stuck in a death cult and they serve the likes of Harry Reid and Glenn Beck and the elite globalists interest of the god of mammon just like Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz. Any Mormon shouldn’t be deputized if or when push comes to shove by the Feds. Because the Mormons are already compromised in the spirit and in their training and doctrine and they are colluding right along with some even in the oath keepers and other Christian like in appearance,word or deed. But you will know them by their fruits. So I want to encourage Sheriff Marty Gleave. If he hasn’t already. He should pick up a copy of The Wolves Among Us by D. James Kennedy “Understanding and stopping the cults”. And then if he hasn’t already? Give his life to Jesus Christ naming Him both his Lord and Savior. Begin by reading the Holy Bible New Testament first by himself. And then reading the whole Bible cover to cover. And then doing that exactly what it is that the LORD Himself tells him to do in his heart step by step,every moment every day,everywhere. And then he will realize that every Constitutional sheriff to one degree or another regardless of their faith or faithlessness/there is no god/Atheist. Regardless. Every Constitutional Sheriff right now in America is a type of real literal physical and spiritual equivalent to our founding fathers and framers of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights to one degree or another is a Shepherd and is a leader and is a head and is a type of pastor to all peoples everywhere. And that anointing,that power, that presence and equipping of almighty God will indeed always draw all kinds of people to them and their light they are in dark places regardless if they want that themselves or not. Now they can and should always verbally express the individuals wishes. But man plans his way and the LORD directs his steps. If the right LORD and Lord and lord is not directing the mans steps? Even the Constitutional sheriff who has plenty of years experience and who already might have heard it and seen it all and might even thinks he knows it all. They will slip and fall or make a major error in judgment because of that Pride in them and from among them then. So,”take heed lest ye think ye stand.” And let God pick and choose his battles that He wants for Himself, and His Body/church involved in as type of community outreach and missions to the lost. And the ones He wants you individually Sheriff Marty Gleave involved in,where and when and how exactly! No more and no less.

    Many people and many things and many ideas think they will stand by their own doing and or their own input and or their own collective input with human intelligence. But God says it this way,”Not by might,nor by power,but by my spirit declares the LORD of Hosts”.

    America always has been a melting pot. It always has been a country of much needed proper relationship,proper discipleship,proper evangelism,proper show of love and care to all peoples. And that fact is no different now that the borders are left wide open to all kinds of illegal immigrants. Some will obviously be to harm you and your family and your business. Other will not and they still must have and be able to find for themselves good wholesome constructive leaders/teachers/pastors/guides and heads to themselves so they might immigrate or emulate them from what they see and hear in others. So this isn’t a time anywhere in America right now where it’s Gods will that any person or any body or any group be told. Stay at home and do your own thing or whatever. You aren’t needed. Provisions MUST be made and set up so that everybody has a place to go and thing to do that is constructive. You know. Like a work camp. But not a forced mandated government run workcamp because those are slave camps. One that’s run strictly off of benevolence,love,sacrifice,mercy,empathy,compassion,consideration for others and their needs more then they are concerned for their own needs,wants,desires,lusts,pride,ego or reputation. No is a time in America that the more and better any can be a servant to anyone or anything other then themselves. They and their works will come out on top and this great land of ours will heal no matter how screwed up the government and banks and borders and illegals are. But KEY is that we ALL have to love and learn to be loved better. And that by both God and man. Or rules without relationship always can only produce rebellion.

    God Bless You Sheriff Marty Gleave of Utah.
    Matthew (means gift of God)
    Mayberry (Maine)


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