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Undercover Investigator Exposes How Absentee Ballots Are Key To Stealing Elections

james white               NorthWest Liberty News               February 26, 2019



If one takes time to examine the details of the 2 previous reports that were filed on NorthWest Liberty News regarding election fraud, the only conclusion that a reasonable person could possibly make is that honest voters are getting screwed by crooks both on and off of Montana’s Native American reservations.  You can catch both of them here:  Report 1   Report 2

Never forget that every time a fraudulent vote gets counted, your honest vote essentially gets voided.

We have known that election fraud is an issue for quite some time now, but only recently have we got an inside view of how the Native American reservations swing elections; and because of the nature of their independent nation status, there is a lack of political will to address the issue.

The simple fact is that the Native American reservations are left to regulate themselves.  Nothing could go wrong there.

Candace Whitelight is an investigative reporter who works undercover for NorthWest Liberty News on one of the reservations.  She has made numerous insider contacts and is masterfully piecing together the big picture of the numerous avenues used by those who steal elections on, and off, of Montana’s reservations.

Candace joined me on my daily, live radio show a couple of days ago to discuss the most pressing issue that we face right now in regards to election fraud, absentee ballots.  Please take the time to listen to the brief interview below, for the 2020 election is closer than you might think and we need to all mobilize and stop the election fraud.







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