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Undercover Investigation: Vote Harvesting on Montana Native American Reservations

james white               NorthWest Liberty News               January 31, 2019



As we have suspected for a long time here at NorthWest Liberty News, the Native American reservations are cesspools of crime and corruption.  I am not speaking hyperbole when I make that statement, for we have the evidence to back up my claims.

Candace Whitelight (not her real name) is an undercover investigator for me at NorthWest Liberty News.  Her name may sound familiar because she filed a report on NWLN about 2 weeks ago highlighting the numerous oddities that occurred during the 2018 mid-term elections.  Her initial report can be accessed by clicking HERE.

After planting the knowledge of the election fraud on, and off, the native American reservations in the article referenced above, I wanted to get Candace on the line so that she could, in her own words, explain the “ground-game” that the Democrats use in regards to vote harvesting.

Candace has conducted numerous interviews with eyewitnesses to the election fraud on the reservation, as she is also learning more about the way in which they use Absentee Ballots to influence almost any election.

Candace is able to gather such good intelligence because she lives on one of the reservations full-time, and she blends right in as she appears to be as Native American as anyone else.

In the course of her investigations, Candace has also uncovered other crimes of a much more serious and heinous nature than election fraud.  When I say cesspool of corruption and filth, I cannot stress enough how spot-on that description fits the crimes that go on regularly.  More on that in upcoming reports.

The full interview with Candace is over 30 minutes long and will be released in its entirety soon.  Meanwhile, please take a couple minutes to gather some insight as to why Vote Harvesting, if not contained, could spell doom for Conservatives in the 2020 election and beyond.




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