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A Treaty or the US Constitution: Which is the Supreme Law of the Land?

Constitutional Sheriff

James White               NorthWest Liberty News


(Kalispell,MT)  With the Western United States being overrun by federal tyranny, one of the methods that is used by perpetrators to gain additional control is the use of treaties.  It has been reported of late that a treaty is the “supreme law of the land,” even taking precedence over the US Constitution.  But, is that really true?  Who better to ask that question than two bonafied treaty experts, Elain Willman and Lawrence Kogan, Esq.?  I was delighted when they both agreed to stop by the NorthWest Liberty News studios in Kalispell, Montana to enlighten us on the very important distinction between a treaty and the US Constitution.  Please take time to view the brief video below as Elaine and Larry drill down to the real truth.

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