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Terror in Helena! “I’m Afraid that Roger Koopman Will Bring a Gun to Work and Shoot Me”

In a bombshell interview, Randy Pinocci and Drew Zinecker of the Montana PSC join me to expose the fear of being shot and killed by Commissioner, Roger Koopman…This is not satire


james white               NorthWest Liberty News               February 28, 2020




There is not one person who will read this article that will not be familiar with the voluminous examples of workplace violence in recent times.

In fact, as I type this the smell of burnt gun-powder still lingers in the air at the Molson Coors Beverage facility in Wisconsin, as a disgruntled worker gunned down 5 co-workers just 2 days ago.

The problem of workplace violence is real and the possibility of it happening in Montana is far greater than most realize.

Helena is where all of the business for the State of Montana is conducted and that’s where the Public Service Commission (PSC) is located.

Like any office with under 40 employees, friendships are often made and tensions are often magnified when not-so-friendly encounters arise. The PSC is no different.

Although the office was not exactly harmonious, tensions were elevated significantly after I published a tranche of PSC Commissioner, Roger Koopman’s e-mail about a month ago.

You can see that article HERE

Since the article was published, attorney’s have been hired, meetings have been called and other articles have been written.

Today’s topic, however, is of a much more serious nature.  Deadly serious, in fact.

Director of Media Relations for the PSC, Drew Zinecker reached out to me to tell me that he had an e-mail which he sent to Roger Koopman’s fellow Commissioner, Randy Pinocci.

I was curious when I was first told about the contents of the e-mail, but became shocked when I read it on the air for the first time in the video below.

You can read it for yourself HERE

Subsequent to me receiving the e-mail from Mr. Zinecker, I invited him and Commissioner Pinocci on for an interview to clarify the e-mail’s contents.

The video of the riveting interview is linked below.  Please watch it and share it with your friends.









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