Documents surface with staggering proof that the LeVoy Finicum shooting was guided by the dark light of the U.N.


James White               NorthWest Liberty News


As more layers of the stinking onion keeps getting peeled away from the Malheur Reservation protest and the LeVoy Finicum murder\ federal cover-up, a new document has come into my possession that make 2 points clear, and I mean Crystal Clear: Constitution-loving Americans are the real enemy, and the United Nations propaganda campaign has been deadly effective.


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It’s no secret that Americans who oppose the tyrannical reign of a Constitution-hating federal government are seen as the enemy.  Although the examples are copious, for brevity’s sake I am going to highlight just two.  A hat-tip goes to for their fine work on both of the events outlined below.


Spokane Deputy Promotes MRAP for Constitutionalists

The clip below went viral and spurred numerous rallies and protests.  The conclusion: Gun-loving Constitutionalists are the enemy, and giant armored trucks are needed to combat them.


The MIAC Report

Although the MIAC report is nearly 7 years old, the plan outlined therein seems to be operating quite nicely for our overlords.

MIAC Report

Prelude to Murder

  Let’s shift back to 2016 and further examine the incidents which occurred around the aforementioned Malheur Reservation protest, and all of the ancillary events that surrounded it; specifically, the murder of LeVoy Finicum.


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On January 26, 2016, LaVoy Finicum, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne and a convoy of fellow protestors were heading to neighboring Grant County to meet with the Sheriff there, Glen Palmer.  Palmer was a vocal supporter of the Ammon Bundy led protest, and is a member of CSPOA.  As recorded by Shauna Cox’s mobile device, the convoy was ambushed by law enforcement and fired upon repeatedly.  Sadly, one of the rounds, a .308, penetrated Mr. Finicum’s heart and ended his life.  However, did LaVoy Finicum need to die that day?  And, more importantly, when did Constitutionally-sworn officers decide to trash their oath and follow the United Nations?

Any time an officer discharges their weapons in the line of duty, there needs to be an “after-incident” report filed.  It may be known as something else where you live, but the premise is the same.  A law enforcement officer needs to explain why they discharged their weapon, in writing and/or an interview.  In the LaVoy Finicum murder, the same process was followed by the officers involved; and the subsequent report of said interviews have fallen into my possession.  I want to thank my good friend, Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio, for sharing the documents.


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U.N. Hit Squads

     Some of the officers involved in the LaVoy Finicum murder were called into the offices of the Oregon State Police on 31 Jan, 2016 for interviews.  I will include the link to the entire document below, but for purposes of this article I am going to include a brief excerpt to illustrate the outright treason spoken by “Officer 1.”  Officer 1 was asked if he had any information as to what kind of support, or how many supporters, that Ammon Bundy and friends had in the neighboring city of John Day.  The quote below is how he answered (seen on page 111 of the accompanying document):

“I knew going into it that there was a sheriff in Grant County that was supporting the movement, or the ideology behind what they were pushing. I knew that there was a large amount of community members in Grant County that supported their beliefs, and that had similar constitutional beliefs, and to the point of the Grant County making it clear they are a UN Free Zone, and so that knowledge was known to all of us.”  (Emphasis added by me)

Link to Full Officer Testimony Can Be Found BY CLICKING HERE

Is federal law-enforcement beholden to the U.N., or to the US Constitution?  I think that the answer is clear.  I encourage all writers in alternative media to download the PDF of the LaVoy Finicum report linked above, and write your own article based on the information available.  We know that mainstream media will not touch this, so it’s up to all of us.

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Sworn Officers Chose the United Nations Over the US Constitution, then Murdered LeVoy Finicum

66 thoughts on “Sworn Officers Chose the United Nations Over the US Constitution, then Murdered LeVoy Finicum

  • March 17, 2016 at 10:33 am

    I don’t see a link to the LaVoy Finnicum report.

  • March 17, 2016 at 11:03 am

    Contrary to what most americans think,YES OUR LORD JESUS is alive and well,as a matter of fact,HE’S been talking to his prophets quite regularly,and it surprises most devil worshipers to know they’ll be going home,TO their DADDY SATAN soon,so will All the police gangs,Military,and ALL the government officals who go underground,NONE of the police gangs have HONORED THEIR OATH TO GOD,or the MILITARY,and dam sure NO ONE in the government at any level,THEY WILL ALL be history soon,To bad most americans are butt lickers,they won’t see their death coming till its to late…………..

    • March 17, 2016 at 11:42 am

      You know how gold is refined Arizona. By FIRE! Looks like that is what it will take for us in the west.

    • March 17, 2016 at 11:44 am

      You are so right!

      Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.

      • March 17, 2016 at 4:10 pm

        He also commanded us Believers to arm ourselves in the Holy Bible book of Luke. Maybe His vengeance will put us to good use. God uses people when they submit to Him. Submit. Arm yourself..

        • June 28, 2016 at 7:18 am

          yes…Jordan Page has a great song with this title!!

    • March 18, 2016 at 7:40 am

      So very true. Here’s 20/20 vision from Chronicles 20:20 NIV “Have faith in the LORD your God and you will be upheld; have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.”

      So very very many that have been “upheld” and also quite “successful” in this life will no longer be “upheld”. Nor will they ever again even achieve any real “success” anymore even in this life.

      Hebrews 12:27 NLT “This means that all of creation will be shaken and removed, so that only unshakable things will remain.”

      And because all reap what they sow. Those who set up that trap and ambush to premeditated murder and kill Levoy and arrest and incarcerate the others. Like you said,”will not see their own death that comes to them.” Because they themselves who betray their oaths,their pledges before there fellow countrymen and God. Have become so corrupted,defiled,compromised and deluded in their own conceits. That they do not know nor recognize any longer any common law of God in their own natural senses and conscience. Will themselves have no one to help them in that very hour that they walk right into their own trap,death,demise and perpetual captivity from this life all through the next one eternally also.

    • June 28, 2016 at 7:17 am

      so very true

  • March 17, 2016 at 11:06 am

    THE WORD IS,america will be attacked on passover…HOPE YOUR READY…

  • March 17, 2016 at 11:36 am

    So far only Trump out of all the candidates is the only one who has spoken about the BLM stealing American lands. I pray he wins and cleans house of Agenda 21 asswipes in our government. Those FBI assassins need to pay for their murder.

  • March 17, 2016 at 11:37 am

    The problem is they swear an oath to something they never read, and don’t understand, which in fact is a violation from the start! They are oath breakers and traitors! They are the scum of the earth because they wield the power of life and death, and it means nothing to them! They are worse than any drug addicted murdering criminal, because they represent law and order, and party with satan on the unlawful side! Literally, in harney county, where they celebrated their conquest!

    It’s disgusting to hear them talk of the “rule of law”! Just disgusting! They come in to a situation that clearly had abuse of power at all levels, and railroaded Americans with tyrannical unconstitutional feds! The constitution is just a few printed pages! The bill of rights can be printed on 1 page! But these morons haven’t read it, and don’t understand it! Anywhere in the U.S.!

    This is unforgivable!

  • March 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    Arizona, what are your sources or if you can’t divulge then can you expand a little more? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • March 17, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    AJ is a coward and works for the negro illegally in office. You cannot criticize the negro there.

  • March 17, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    You should check farther. Grant County is the only County in the USA that had a vote of the people to become a U.N. free zone.
    Nothing connected to the UN is allowed in the county. It is the duty of the Sheriff to remove it/them.
    I used to live there and my hubby was a deputy under Sheriff Palmer. He is a great man.

    • March 17, 2016 at 7:13 pm

      that’s all well and good claiming to be a UN free zone,but how is it enforced ?

      • March 17, 2016 at 9:56 pm

        Duhhhh, as I said it is enforced by the Sheriff….. (And his deputies)

  • March 18, 2016 at 7:56 am

    Father. Why do people put up with all of this?

    Son, it is because about 40 years ago they stopped teaching about the Constitution in schools.

    But, father, why does that matter?

    Well, without understanding the sacrifices that took place over of thousands years for humans to obtain freedom and protection of God-given rights, people don’t value the Constitution and won’t do what it takes to protect it.

    I am sorry that you will suffer greatly under the government tyranny that has developed. What I am about to do is for you and to help things get back on the right track.

    With that the father kissed the young boy on the forehead, gathered some items, and left the house.

    He was:

    A. Going to vote.

    B. Going to teach Constitutional history to young students.

    C. Going to church to pray.

    D. Going to work two jobs to pay for insurance and food.


    E. ?

    • March 18, 2016 at 1:37 pm

      That’s not all entirely true. It wasn’t 40 years ago and I was taught the US Constitution,three separate branches of the government and balance and checks of We The People over,in and through each of those three branches of government. Even though there are still actually 4 branches of government. Not three like we were told. The 4th branch is the Grand Jury. Here in our state of Maine the Grand Jury is selected same as any other common jury is. From the citizen people. In any state the Grand Jury is NOT part of the Judicial Branch. Many think it is but it is an entirely different totally separate branch of government. Anyway. I was taught the Constitution is civics class at Wheatland Jr High School. Since I flunked 1st and did that twice and since I was driving to school in 9th grade. That would have been for the three years between 1983 and 1986 when I was 13 to 16 years of age since I was born in Nov. of ’70. So 1986 certainly isn’t 40 years ago! So the rest has to be taken with a grain of salt,tested and see if it still holds any weight or validity in the other statements also.

      • March 28, 2016 at 3:02 pm

        It is my understanding, upon the founding of this Nation, there were three balancing branches of Government: POTUS … executive, Congress/Senate (the House) … legislative, & the Supreme Court/Federal Court System … judicial.

        Ah, but then when America was reborn post Civil War, being turned into a Corporation with an ‘updated’ Constitution to reflect our new identity as Corporate America (which they failed to mention in my school way back when), the DOJ arose (under the thumb of the President), absent the powers of a recessed Congress, giving the President powers he should not have … and THAT IS (the DOJ) the 4th branch of Government (also never mentioned in class). Now we have Czars and EOs to turn our nation’s CEO/World Leader into a King, or so our top officials believe themselves to be. We have the Federal Reserve to override the US Treasury, Congress, and Article 1, sect 8 of our Constitution. … another little something they fail to mention in school. The Federal Reserve (private bankers) took gold and silver off the table, and look at us now … sinking further into debt everyday as they manipulate the economy to their favor, using our sons and daughter’s as cannon fodder in their efforts to run the world.

        Just wait until Common Core kicks in. There will come a day when kids won’t have a clue as to the gifts we have allowed to slip through our fingers if we don’t reclaim our American Sovereignty, secure our borders, and do our DUTY under our Declaration of Independence (the original version). It is my understanding, the word duty has already been exchanged with the word ‘right’ … not the same thing, at all.

        When it comes right down to it, it is the Declaration of Independence that holds the key to resurrecting our rights … keyword: Compliance … as long as the people accept our Government’s betrayal, we are giving them a green light to erase what is left of our borders.

  • March 18, 2016 at 7:59 am

    “Police have become the “standing army” banned by the Constitution.” (c) 2014. JS.

    • March 18, 2016 at 2:03 pm

      I’m sure if any actual real proof ever came out on UN James White to those claims you just made? With his whereabouts currently made public and all. Why I’m sure what would happen to UN James White would be about the equivalent to what happened to Mr White at the end of the newest version of James Bond movie Casino Royal. I didn’t ever see any other after that one. So I don’t know if Mr White actually dies or is just put through alot of pain and torcher?
      And what you say about the police in America isn’t entirely currently true across the board for all law enforcement personnel even under the DOJ who has Federalized by policy and purse strings as much of that as they possibly could. But there is still free will where any independent officer or particular group of them are still able to act and function under as much U.S.C as they want to or deem necessary or prudent even. And there are still many many sheriffs and deputy sheriffs who take that same oath as the US military soldiers do and they still uphold and protect the US Constitution best they can. Not all of course as we saw in Harney County Oregon with David Ward who didn’t even contact his next closest constitutional sheriff when he was having problems. Ward went straight to the FBI soon as his worthless governor Kate Brown couldn’t handle the situation properly with even her own state police who it was that actually ended up murdering Levoy Finicum. It wasn’t the FBI if you listened to the second audio video from inside the vehicle from Cox. They asked,”who are you”. And they clearly stated on audio,”We’re the Oregon State Police”. The really odd thing with that though was the fact that if they were any State’s State’s Police? Then their vehicles would have had to have been marked so accordingly. And from both audio videos released on levoys death the other vehicles sure didn’t look like anyone’s “STATE POLICE” government of Oregon issued vehicles the thugs used in that illegal unconstitutional road block check point that was set up just on the other side of a curve in the highway which was unconstitutional and illegal even by their own rule of law,procedure and protocol within that state to conduct road blocks. The acting law enforcement who was actually color of law due to Title 18 section 242 Deprivation of Rights under color of law. If between the time the charges are filed and the person is brought to court there is any misconduct by government including police? Then the courts loose jurisdiction and can’t try any case against the accused. See I studied not just in public school. But I also studied the Constitution under Randel Kelton Rule of Law radio out of Texas including MANY archives that he had on his sight that now seem unaccessible. So from your other comment on A,B,C,D OR E? I’d have to fall under “E” because I actually did all the above even with my Great God as He showed me to do for Him or His Cause/s. And that still wasn’t good enough in the temporal realm here with the still current run away with the Bank fraud fiot and illegitimate importer color of law US government every level,every place to one degree or another.

      So that’s enough about me and my background studies and applications of them as I came to learn them. How have YOU actually ever been any real help for the cause of life, liberty or pursuit of happiness for yourself or others. Of the people, by the people and for the people with that Supreme Rule of Law for all the Land of,in for,over and about the United States of America?

  • March 24, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    Why did the lead officers request the state police to dress as under cover for a traffic stop? Since you cannot identify who the people dressed in black are why stop. If it was a group of women, they would have been justified to keep driving and go to a sheriff office or police station. Because their men one gets shot and killed?Also, I do not understand why a pursuing office jumps out of the unmarked car and begins shooting when clearly his collegues have the roadblock enadted with men in the woods hiding! Also, the northern part of the road had to have been closed to regular traffic prior to this happenings. Not a single citizen driving on this road for about 15 minutes or longer.To call this a traffic stop is a huge stretch. A traffic cop needs to be identifing uniform and squad card all marked. Not to mention these people were heading to see a sheriff and could have brought all the black dress men and unmarked vechiles with them to verify who these men were hiding in the woods with guns!

    • March 25, 2016 at 5:41 am

      Well there you go. If they had been women then they would have been justified even with Levoy driving to drive on straight to the sheriff. There was one woman in the same vehicle as Levoy at the time of that unconstitutional road block,ambush,murder and then cops or law enforcement like you said who were in unidentifiable un marked black vehicles and snipers on the ground in the trees all around that road block ambush area who had to have been listening in radio and or radio’ed on ahead after Levoy left the first Unconstitutional road block. I know police mentality. That put them all at the second road block in kill mode. Just like that black woman who was lost and frantic driving around DC and the cops shot her dead in her vehicle. Cops…or in this case with Levoys death. Color of law acting as cops and or FBI and or Oregon State Police who might have just said that’s who they were when they contract killer mercs. Maybe even some of those same contract cowboys who were hired by Harry Reid and then put in BLM uniforms and handed sniper rifles and AR-15 back in 2014 when 200 of those government heavy hitters where found and reported to be surrounding Cliven Bundys ranch in Bunkerville Nevada,stealing his cattle and slaughtering at least two of his prize bulls. So they get use to killing anything and everyone. And all they needed to hear was they drove off from our road block stop and that whoever it was in total kill mode obviously. Now on that woman part. 1 woman in the car. And American men who if they used any body care products in America and or also any fluoridated tap water or fluoridated water in any soup or can of vegetables? It’s been proven fluoride and other testosterone suppressing chemicals and estrogen mimickers feminize men and make them much more docile creatures like women. So that’s been happening to all men in American society to one degree or another. Easy provable point and fact with all that too. So even the men could have had stuff inside them that made them more like women. Because if someone is shooting at you and shooting through your cars windows? And if you have a gun? If you are a man who isn’t made docile by water,chemicals,products and mind control and if you have a gun and are being shot at and everyone’s life in that vehicle is in jeopardy of being slaughtered? Then you aren’t going to listen to that one woman in your car. You’re going to pick up those guns and start shooting back if you’re under attack. That’s just natural man instinct of survival. So they were justified in not stopping at the second road block once they already stopped at the first one and found out it wasn’t a tree down in the road or another vehicle accident blocking that roadway up ahead. Now your part on James White part of the UN and behind this black ops mission to target,isolate and kill. Or as the unintelligent US government in charge of all intelligence community on the books and off them, calls or refers to that as,”FIND,FIX and FINISH. They had everyone marked for that. Peter Santilli too. Only difference is Peter Santilllies road block he drove into didn’t have paid assassins shooting to kill him when Pete got out of his vehicle. I heard that by someone once before on that JAMES WHITE working for the UN and black ops. But I never saw any proof or evidence to any of that statement to verify that. And in fact Jim White and James White is also a name of one of these writers right here northwestlibertynews. So I’d be very very careful if I were you in what you’re doing hurtling out there those statements on or about a James White when there must be more then one James White. And this James White doing his writing piece here for this news website is providing and very valuable and much needed news outlet place for readers to be better informed about various news,events and happenings that could very well concern and impact us all no matter where we live or work in North America. So I’ll vouch for this James White and this news media platform of his he writes in is a very good one. And one more point. If that was a justified traffic stop? Then at the first road block/traffic stop those cops or law enforcement officers would have written up the drivers of the vehicles right on the spot for what traffic violations they did or were going on to do by Levoy insisting that he was going on to see the sheriff and that the rest of them could come along with him he said also. So that wasn’t a “traffic stop”. And if it was? Then there wasn’t anyone acting as law enforcement who was able or qualified to write and issue traffic summons. So “traffic stop” isn’t a “huge stretch” like you say. “Traffic stop” is a fleecing and a white washing it and watering it down what it really was!!! It was FIND,FIX and FINISH”!!! And those that partake in that crap of FIND FIX and FINISH aren’t ever doing anything right,legal,moral,ethical,Constitutional or by anyone’s book of any kind anywhere!!!! The attackers and murderers of Levoy Finicum and his vehicle he drove that fateful day. They were straight up assassins and Federal Government Obama’s White House paid hit men that were hired just to do that job. FIND,FIX and FINISH. And we know who all is working working with that intelligence community inside America now. And we know all those other news media and alternative news media outlets who have thrown their lot in in favor of black ops murdering unarmed people in America,in their car, on the ground, in their homes and in the various institutions also! We’ve got all their real names and real numbers who they are and who they really work for and who their daddy is even!!! This abomination onion as you call it also is going all the way back to every Source that ordered it! And its being pinned on them all!!! And that has already happened that way as I said in the spirit realm and also from their current financial realm too!!! It all is always designed that way to always go back to them who handled it,initiated it,called for it,put in play etc. when nobody is able to make any of it actually stick on anyone else. That’s what always has to happen soon as everyone cuts through all the lies,bullsh!t,cover-ups,fleecing,white washing and dumbing it down that they got so accustomed to doing and even planting evidence on people and or also on their vehicles or property also. And any jury at any level is going to be able to see STRAIGHT through this one!!! Especially when the prosecution/USA/Obama/Hillary and Federal Reserve Banking policy comes to light and made FULLY manifest. They will try to squash or suppress any and all of Peter Santilies Discovery that’s Ordered by Pete’s attorney. And when ALL that comes out before the jury too. That none of that information was available to Peter Santilli, the Jury,that court or the American people and the rest of the world that’s hanging on the brink of civil wars and major world wars. When that Discovery isn’t FULLY met and FULLY satisfied by Santilli and his attorney. The jury is going to have to throw out the case and all charges against them all.

      Side story but same idea in suppression of evidence. My last case and court and charges I got forcibly drugged into was back in 2010 fro an event that happened against e Christmas day night 2009. It was a no evidence DUIT case. And at one point my father hired a Pennsylvania attorney and prepaid him his required sum to contractually represent me in court at a Preliminary Hearing. This attorney my Mason dad himself picked out for me his non mason son was noted as being one of the top 2 or 3% most successful attorneys in all the Commonwealth State of PENNSYLVANIA. And he never even asked me or the police who stopped my car who were the other three guys I had in my car that the police let go without questioning and were told to walk home. The cops never asked them if they or we had been drinking. They were all set to nail me with all the smell or odor of alcohol entirely. Because at that time John Morganellie scum criminal DA for Northampton was trying to justify more Federal and Central Bank funding to build an entirely other additional prison to house just drug offenders and DUI’s. And you know somehow to date I was able to have and go through a mock trial where everyone else knew they were going to convict me anyway. My hired attorney NEVER showed up for any day of Preliminary hearing. Instead he said my bail hearing day was my Prelim. So that was written in the books as being my Preliminary Hearing day in court when I got my bail from that GOVERNORS WARRANT for my arrest on Fugitive from Justice CHARGES that I NEVER got to answer for in court because that was simply just,”a vehicle..or means to get me there and extradite me back to that state the Judge said.” But you know what happened that was even more interesting? My top 2 or 3% attorney in Pennsylvania wasn’t even able to get that recording of that call to dispatch on Christmas day night 2009. When my attorney didn’t do anything for me or my father. And when he didn’t do anything even remotely somewhat satisfactory to me, Prelim or my case whatsoever. I fired his ass on the spot! And I told him I expected my father to be paid back the money he gave him and his firm since he and in fact NOBODY ever even had a Preliminary evidence hearing in my case! And they still haven’t!! So you know what that asshole scumbag douche of entire worthlessness said to me? I worked very hard and many hours on your case. In fact I filed pretrial motions on your behalf that weren’t included in that original sum your father paid me to represent you. “So in fact you or your father actually owes me more money.” “So tell your father that and I’m sure he’ll understand.” I replied. No I won’t tell my father that. Because we don’t owe you anything anymore because you’re done representing me,him or us in MY CASE!!! So I had all the documents where that attorney did in fact try to get all kinds of information directly from the Police Department and call to dispatch etc. Nothing came up. The judge made note of that fact in court and they proceeded anyway. I even personally went down to Bethlehem Police Department. And with attorneys paper in hand that said what we wanted and what I required for my case and Discovery. And you know what some snide cop told me. He said,”those are our records”. He smiled and then said,” And after two years records get destroyed so we won’t even have them after that.” And since the State decided to prosecute me on that case almost a year after it happened. And since all tat BS was 8 months additional delay also. That meant there wasn’t much time for me and my defense which I had virtually none of, to successfully get those records as to why the officer really stopped me or my car to begin with? They still never proved anything reasonable sounding with anything the cops lied and said on record about me and my driving. So I got the cops on there lies. I got the DA on how they lied on government documents to two states Governors…not once but TWICE even!! The DA in my case even said,”we have to get ASAP because he said,”he wanted to flee justice and run to Mexico.” Now I’m in Northern Maine. The DA didn’t know it or care about it at that time but I have and had back then too. 5 Alaskan Malamutes who wouldn’t do so good down in Mexico from all that heat and sun. Furthermore that same year everyone else in the world knew a “fugitive from justice warrant for the bench warrant for my arrest and incarceration and extradition back to my former home state. As well as that DOUBLE JEOPARDY Governors Warrant for my arrest and incarceration and extradition back to my former home state since I was out on bail on that bench warrant. I got a US passport issued to me while Hillary Clinton was head of the State Department at that same exact time there had been a fugitive from justice warrant for my arrest out nationwide on me. Unknown to me of course until hindsight. But in that US Passport application. It asked me,”what countries would you like to travel to or visit”. It didn’t have or say Mexico on there. In my own writing I put in there Canada. That someday I would like to go travel up to Canada. Since I’m only 18 miles from the Canadian border. And many products or services are actually closer to me in Canada then they are here in the states. Canada was a logical choice of what country I wanted to go visit on my passport application. Which they gave me and I still have totally unused of course. Because once Controllers did learn that someday I would like to go abroad? They knew Canada has very strict DUI laws that even if you had a conviction in any other country they don’t even let you into Canada even if you aren’t driving I’m being told. So the Controllers want it all. They really do. They want all the rights to travel themselves. They want all the life. They want all the minerals,water even surface rights even. THEY REALLY WANT IT ALL FROM EVERYBODY! But especially they want it all or they want to take it all away from me and my kind. Because they’re Predator scum and they’re always out to prove a point. Well I’m always there to PROVE MY POINTS right back at’em ALL TOO!!

      They have NO IDEA who they have awakened and PISSED OFF ALL TO HELL in me and my Great Holy Creator God in Jesus Christ who’s for this American Constitutional Republic rule of law and jurisprudence with Democracy representation of and for and with this Republic from coast to coast in America and for the USA now and forever (when and wherever we have that) NOW!!! AMEN!!!

  • April 2, 2016 at 11:58 am

    Bottom line, the Papacy is out to rule the world. The Pope is over the U.N. and why they are putting all countries under U.N. authority. Right now the U.S. is giving the U.N. all our National Parks. I also believe the reason why all of a sudden these cops act like they are criminals instead of doing what cops are supposed to do, is so the U.N. can send in their international police force and no one will know who the cops are. Another reason they are flooding the U.S. with Illegal Catholic Aliens.

    • April 3, 2016 at 11:14 am

      Gary your right about what they’re all in trying to go for right now. But they don’t have the troops here they would need to pull it off successfully other then what they’ve already done to the whole entire US land and people on paper. But what I’ve done and already submitted into court documents time stamped and all going back to the day I was born. So I’m covered. The land I own free and clear here is now covered. And my pure bred Alaskan Malmutes/animals are covered even as having me care and manage them without me having to pay per head of Malamute to the Federal or state or local governments. If I know anything about who runs the UN, then I know that at the center core are Lucifarians who are wild about genetic purity etc. So when it comes right down to that argument and peoples rights an animals rights and my malamutes land access rights and right to have me their caregiver and master here on our own land even and any anywhere else also in North America. Because the Alaskan Malamute is the ONLY dog native to North America. They have been know to go back thousands of years and where here as the arctic wolf even before man came and even before AKC got set up. So what that means is that my dogs even according to UN rules and ways and policy have more rights to be here on this land then any other people do. haha. Sometimes you can fight them with their own fire. lol
      Go to the Weyhauser web sight.
      Go over to SUSTAINABILITY.
      Then go over to GOVERNANCE.
      Then under the heading OPERATING ETHICALLY.
      Then scroll down to the forth heading “WE VALUE HUMAN RIGHTS”. Print and mail it them and whoever else also and ask them if “VALUING HUMAN RIGHTS” means what they did to Levoy Finicum killing him and the putting in prison Bundy,Hammonds,Santilli and all the supporters they could or wanted to? Is that how land management guided by the UN does things by killing unarmed persons and then incarcerating the rest?
      Then right there under that heading WE VALUE HUMAN RIGHTS” at Weyhauser and the UN,it’s Bank,Federal Reserve,Federal Government/BLM and police force domestically even.
      Then right there they admit to “being guided by the UN”.

      Weyhauser bought out Plumb Creek last year . And Plumb Creek had been something like the second largest landowner in the US. Plumb Creek had been owned by the shareholders. I know because my father said, “he owned an acre or Plumb Creek and somewhere in the US.” haha

      So anyway they are going for it all. We even had a guy up here living in a very nice custom log home out around Mooshead lake that had Plumb Creek dirt road access to his home and they or Weyhouser when they took over lost his paperwork/deed details (he still has the original and isn’t giving it up to anyone else someone reported to me about him and that). And so the land owners/managers of that dirt lane that wasn’t his other then access rights to his home from his pre existing grandfathered in contract . They didn’t even want him snow plowing their dirt land on Plumb Creek land and so they set up a metal gate a couple years back and then posted signs that gate would be shut Feb 8. Well we got them backed down because this land awareness of the Bundy’s and BLM and forest service over reach was all tied into the UN and even agenda 21. So it didn’t matter if land was just out west and for cattle. They didn’t even want a single man living all on his own in the middle of nowhere to have his contracted land access rights and right to keep a lane snow plowed so he could get in and out and also so any fire trucks or medical/ambulance EMT if they ever needed to get into that guy for a medical emergency or rescue or anything wouldn’t be able to do that under that great new UN/Weyhauser commitment to care for Human Rights and Operating Ethically.

      It’s totally INSANE!!!

      As God is my Witness the UN and any other bully and unreasonable asshole working for them,any thug bully ,killer merc or any murdering thieving color of law person,government or corporation will NOT get all that they want everywhere they want it!!! Like I said they didn’t even want us to have our contracted and agreed upon surface rights for ourselves,our own lives,our own livelihoods and our animals!!!

      Well they sure got another thing coming!
      They must have thought we didn’t matter or didn’t care or that we were sleeping or something.

      Well screw them!
      We’re taking our own land back for our own uses and for the GLORY OF God and our OWN posterity without any of them and their Banks and that management!!!
      Like I said. I already got-R-done and HANDLED here with me and what and who concerns me and the real true US and legal American citizens!

    • April 3, 2016 at 11:23 am

      Sorry Gary the link I posted came out as the wrong link. Here is Weyhausers web sight link I thought I was posting.

      Oh and on that National Park UN take over? Since they labeled me with a disability I got many years ago a free lifetime Access Pass to any US National Park. So they can say whatever they want on paper and Bank note policy purse strings there too but I’m not just Grandfathered in for Arcadia National Park for me,my God and my malamutes. But also have ACCESS to any other US National Park also. That pass is non transferable and nobody bought me and my land rights out of that even if they could.


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