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Stolen at Birth: The Orchestrated Theft of Danielle Holm’s Infant Son

Danielle Holm went into labor while traveling through a different state. What happened afterwards can only be described as horrific, as her infant son was stolen by local “authorities” without a warrant, a trial or even criminal charges.


Danielle Holm


james white               June 14, 2019               NorthWest Liberty News



Were all familiar with the common storyline in many a horror movie where the young, unsuspecting couple gets taken in by crooked townsfolk, while ultimately their life, liberty or property is taken as they are swept away by the system; up to, and including, crooked judges and law enforcement.

Yes indeed, Hollywood has a special talent when creating a film about the horrors of Central America.

Except that the scenario outlined above is not from Central America, but from the American South; Alabama specifically.

Danielle and Christian Holm have not seen their son for almost 18 months and, as of this writing, have no idea where he is.  Their son was literally ripped out of Danielle’s arms and made a ward of Alabama without a judge’s order, a warrant or without due process.

Plain and simple, Christian and Danielle had their child stolen; and local law enforcement, including the sheriff, are in on the crime.

The story in the video below is painful to watch, especially if you are a parent.  Nonetheless, we need to go through the pain before we can enact a cure.

I have created over 1000 videos and done over 1000 radio shows, and the video linked below might be my most important production to date.






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