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State Dept. has no Idea if Hillary Clinton received Security Training

So, the State Department, which has no idea where $6 billion went and had no clue that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using an unsecure email server for her emails, has said they don’t have a clue as to whether or not she received any security training.

The complete incompetence, or cover-up, at the State Department is inexcusable as demonstrated in this press conference.

A reporter was following up with a State Department statement from August regarding security training for former Secretary Clinton.

The specific statement was cited by the reporter as, “The Secretary and senior staff in the office of the Secretary receives in person orientation on handling of classified information and then work daily with qualified professional staff.”

“My question is, who are the people who would actually brief someone like Secretary Clinton when one when one of those ‘in person briefings’ happen, and do you have any dates of when those briefings happened?” he asked.

State Department spokesman John Kirby answered, “I don’t have the dates on when those briefings might have happened or if they happened.”

Now, right there, should reporters and Americans not be questioning the competence of this man, who is a retired Rear Admiral in the United States Navy? I think they should. How can he put the word “if” in there, when the State Department he speaks for says they are supposed to happen? He can he call that into question?

“That is not an uncommon practice,” he continued, “particularly for someone at that level. It’s usually people that work inside the administrative bureau at the State Department.”

Right, but it’s common practice that the Executive Branch have daily intelligence briefings to and we all know that Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah has thumbed his nose at those too!

This administration is as corrupt as they come, but before you lay all the blame on Obama, just remember that Congress has never issued one article of impeachment against him. Instead, they have basically given him everything he has wanted.

It’s time the people cleaned house, and not just the White House!

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