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South Carolina Officers Ambushed After Responding To Domestic Violence Call – 4 Shot, 1 In Critical Condition, Suspect Arrested

Four South Carolina officers, including three sheriff’s deputies, were shot and wounded early Tuesday morning after responding to a house in York County.  one of the officers was in critical condition.  The suspect was also wounded and was arrested.

Police say that Christian Thomas McCall, 47, was taken into custody after he is alleged to have fired at officers around 3:30 am.

McCall is said to have assaulted his wife in their home around 10 pm on Monday evening, just about 25 southwest of Charlotte, North Carolina.  A call was made regarding domestic violence and when police arrived, McCall had fled the scene.

McCall does have a criminal history.  He was arrested in 1994 and was charged with assault, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, according to South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division spokesman Thom Berry.

According to police, they brought in a K-9 in order to track McCall.  They began that search just a couple of hours later, the suspect allegedly shot the K-9 deputy.

The deputy was then helped by another officer into a car and taken to Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill.

A SWAT team was then called in during the search for McCall in the woods, and around 3:30 am more shots were fired.  A York Police Officer and two more deputies were wounded during the shooting.

All three of the men were wearing tactical equipment.  Two of them were flown and one of them was taken by ambulance to Carolina’s Medical Center.

Sgt. Mike Doty, Sgt. Randy Clinton, Sgt. Buddy Brown, and Sgt. Kyle Cummings were the officers who were wounded.  Sgt. Doty is in critical condition and according to York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson, Doty is said to be “holding onto life.”

McCall was also shot by deputies as they returned fire.  According to police, McCall was found with several long guns in his possession, but what kinds were not listed, not that it is important.

To make a simple point, it is not unlawful to possess lots of long guns.  It is unlawful to shoot other people when it is not self-defense or in the defense of others.  That is something that needs to be remembered as we will, no doubt, here gun grabbing politicians jump on this crime and tragedy to exploit it for an agenda.

Several news conferences have been held throughout the day to update the public, which were posted on the York County Sheriff’s Facebook page.

The community has demonstrated a love for those that serve them who have been wounded.  I know because this is my county.  As a result, the sheriff’s office responded to the community’s concern and compassion.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster also responded to the shooting, voicing his thankfulness for the service of the officers.

“Words can’t describe the sorrow in our hearts waking up to the news that four law enforcement officers in York County were shot while responding to a call this morning. We are grateful for and humbled by their service and sacrifice.” McMaster tweeted.

He then called on people to pray for the officers, their families, and their colleagues.

“Peggy and I ask that you pause with us today to say a prayer for the officers, their families, the York County Sheriff and Police Departments, and the entire York County community,” McMaster added.

“This is baffling,” said Roger Gilfillan, a neighbor of McCall.

“They were real nice people,” said Gilfillan. “He just kept to himself.”

“McCall frequently walked around the neighborhood, but would only speak when someone spoke to him,” Gilfillan said.  “McCall never appeared to cause any trouble.”

Officers were out at the scene like an army.

“I saw individuals carrying automatic weapons up and down the highway,” said neighbor Scott Killian. “I’ve never seen so many police cars in my life. In fact, I didn’t know York County had that many…but it was an experience you won’t forget.”

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