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Soros Funded, “Close the Camps” Rally Comes to Kalispell, Montana

Protesters across the country rallied to “Close the Camps” on our Southern border and NorthWest Liberty News was in Kalispell to cover the event locally



james white               NorthWest Liberty News               July 2, 2019


Concerned American’s from across the nation converged on their favorite rally spot today to voice their displeasure with what they perceive as the caging of illegal immigrant children on our Southern Border.

The fact that the entire movement was spurred by a photo of caged illegal immigrant children taken while under the Obama Administration didn’t seem to matter much.

The nationwide movement known as, “Close the Camps” was held in at least 184 locations nationwide and was co-sponsored by Move On and the ACLU.

I took my video camera to “Depot Park,” which was the designated rally spot in my town of Kalispell, Montana, to see if I could get some up-close footage of the event.  The results of my efforts are linked below.



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