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Montana Representative, Daniel Zolnikov LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show

Privacy Denied

In the spirit of the East German Stasi, it is being reported that Montana Attorney General, Tim Fox desperately wants to deny Montana citizens their right to privacy. Montana Representative, and sponsor of HB 444, Daniel Zolnikov outlined the AG’s sabotage of HB 444 when he appeared LIVE on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show recently. In a free and open society, Tim Fox says, privacy denied.

Republican in name only, Tim Fox has been a severe disappointment to those in Montana who pine for smaller government, and conservative values. I certainly do not speak for everyone, but I assure you that most Montanans who consider themselves a part of the Liberty Movement are not pleased with Mr. Fox. One has to ask themselves why the AG would lobby so vociferously to keep Montana citizens in the dark. Is it because Montana, like Chicago, has their own version of Black Sites that need to be protected? Once can only speculate, but it does make you wonder why our employees work so hard to monopolize our privacy. To voice your personal displeasure, you may call Tim Fox at this number: 406. 444.2026

In stark contrast to Tim Fox, Montana Representative, Daniel Zolnikov is a champion for privacy and part of a “new wave” of young legislators who have taken hold of the ideas of freedom and personal liberty. Daniel, no stranger to our broadcast, was gracious enough to take time out of his busy legislative schedule to provide us with an update on the bill whose framework, if adopted, could sweep across the country. I have included a brief bio for Daniel, followed by our recent interview.

Daniel Zolnikov is a liberty minded Republican Montana State Representative. He is a strong believer in gun rights, civil rights concerning our freedoms and liberties, limited government, a simplified tax code, economic freedom and a competitive job environment. As a Representative in his late 20’s, Daniel is one of the few legislators who even remotely understands the threats and concerns of the collection of personal information. He spent his first session working to fill a policy vacuum where privacy and politics meet the road. Daniel sponsored multiple bills, including two privacy bills. The first bill would have created the Montana Privacy Act. The second bill, which was signed into law, prevented law enforcement from obtaining cell phone location information without a warrant.


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