Well, there are true friends and there are traitorous backstabbers. It appears that political prisoner Ryan Payne is now claiming that Mark McConnell, who was outed in court as an informant for the government, more than likely received $25,000 for his role in betraying the men and women who took a constitutional stand at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge late last year and earlier this year.

The following is from court documents, which we reported about last week concerning Mark McConnell, who is the driver being referred to in the transcript.

Deb Jordan of The Pete Santilli Show reports:

The driver’s name was Mark McConnell, and he wasted no time to go on the defensive when news spread on social media, that according to the testimony of Oregon State Trooper Jeremiah Beckert, he was the informant who gave OSP/FBI the logistics and support they needed to execute the ambush that led to the death of LaVoy Finicum and arrest of Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Shawna Cox, Ryan Payne and Brian Cavalier.   Those closest to McConnell say Mark denies having worked with law enforcement to make possible the ambush that would lead to one man’s death, and the incarceration of occupation leadership.  McConnell’s official stance was, he did not do it and Oregon State Trooper Beckert lied on the stand.  While McConnell, refused to speak with me for the purpose of writing this article, he has spoken to many about what he says was a radical idea being formed at the refuge, and readily admits he did inform Law Enforcement and the FBI of plans to kidnap Sheriff David Ward’s children, and use explosives found on the refuge to blow-up the Harney County Courthouse.

Two days after the death of LaVoy Finicum I spoke with McConnell in room 123, at the now infamous Silver Spur Motel in Burns, Oregon  –  I asked him point blank about how it could be everyone in the convoy was arrested except him?  His reply was simply, “I’m not really sure, but when they questioned me it was pretty clear they didn’t even know who I was” he said. Maybe it was because I wasn’t like all the other retards up there who couldn’t stay off social media.”  I stayed under the radar – I had a room in town – I fed myself, and I didn’t start a fundraiser” I then asked him to please explain to me how it all went down that night.

“It was crazy you know because – I thought, this is it – I’m going to jail,” Jordan said McConnell told her. “Then they put me on my knees and I spent the next two hours on the cold ground.  They questioned me he said, and then after they talked to me for a while they just let me go.  I mean, I guess they figured I was a nobody who just got caught up in the whole thing and that was probably because I was smart and stayed away from the cameras, and so they told me that they couldn’t arrest me because they didn’t have an indictment for me — To be honest I can’t really tell you why I wasn’t arrested.”

For the record, following McConnell’s video posting, Jordan communicated to me that she had suspicions of McConnell being an informant and so did others.

Jordan mentioned that what took place was an ambush, similar to the claims of Shauna Cox.

“It wasn’t a f**king ambush he scolded, it was a legal f**king stop and people need to stop calling it that!” McConnell told Jordan. “And you wanna know something else?  If LaVoy had rushed me like he did those guys, I probably would have shot him too.”

That’s really all you need to know about Mark McConnell. Anyone viewing the video of Finicum’s murder would see clearly there was not “rushing” by Finicum, nor was it possible for him to do so in over three feet of snow.

Enter Ryan Payne, another Oregon occupier who was arrested on January 26, 2016, along with 7 others. Payne says they needed people to help when they took their stand.

“When the Occupation began we struggled to find people who were willing to come to Oregon to help with the protest and so we all just started calling the contacts in our phones, McConnell was one of those contacts in mine,” he said.

Payne did not want to believe McConnell was an informant. He had been assigned to personal security for Ammon Bundy because of his military training, work on the border and a willingness to stand with them at the refuge.

“Like everything else concerning McConnell, this whole story about kidnapping plans and blowing up buildings, just doesn’t make any sense,” said Payne. “If what Mark is saying were the truth then my arrest would have been about something much different.  It would have been about that, and not a conspiracy to impede BLM and Fish and Wildlife from doing their duty.   Mark didn’t come up there to stop some radical plan — He came there to do just what he said, and that was to watch me, and report back to the FBI like he has been doing for the past two years.”

Payne went on to state that he and his attorney discovered that at least two checks were issued to an informant or informants for participation with the DC government. One of the checks issued to informants was $25,000 and the other was for $10,000. Payne doesn’t know if they were to the same person or two individuals. However, Payne was quick to shoot down any claims that the occupiers were out to do anyone or anything harm

“There was never a plan to kidnap Ward’s kids and there was never a plan to blow up buildings,” he said. “Where is the proof?  Did it ever come out in court?  I was never questioned about it and neither was anyone else to my knowledge except ‘maybe’ Jason (Blomgren) who stated when asked, that there may have been a discussion of last resort plans to plant IED’s to slow down the FBI if they came after us.  And to my knowledge I don’t ever remember even having had that conversation with Jason, nor do I think he ever said I did.”

“No, Mark McConnell was sent there to gather intel and cause division, and that’s exactly what he did and exactly what he’s still doing,” he added. “We all knew the minute he was let go that he had set us all up.  He was working with them to figure out a way to get us all together so they could end the occupation.  And that is exactly what he accomplished, and a good man died because of Mark McConnell.”

Others spoke out about McConnell as well. While McConnell is now a marked man for his betrayal of men and women who took a stand against a criminal government, no one is advocating violence against him, but I think we would all like to see him be brought to justice for his role in aiding and abetting a criminal government in a land seizure. If Judas got his just reward for selling out the Lord Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, then should not Mark McConnell receive something similar under law?

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Political Prisoner Ryan Payne: Mark McConnell Most Likely Received $25,000 for Informing Feds during Malheur Occupation

2 thoughts on “Political Prisoner Ryan Payne: Mark McConnell Most Likely Received $25,000 for Informing Feds during Malheur Occupation

  • October 3, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    If it was a legal stop? Then why was there the need for two different stopping places on the road back to back from each other but with enough distance from each other so road drivers couldn’t see the multi layered illegal road block-aid ambush before driving right into it. Every political prisoner is to go free and be awarded their settlement checks. I bet they didn’t even post an ad in any newspaper that said they were going to have road block-aids on that highway where Levoy swerved to miss vehicles and drove off the road and then got shot and killed. Murdered in cold blood. For Hillary Clinton illegal now blood stained Russian Uranium deal.

    By the sound of this news. It sounds like it isn’t just the shooter, Obama, Oregon Governor, Judge Grassy, Comey’s pardoning Hillary’s email scandal FBI, the local sheriff of Harney County and the Oregon State Police who all consented to having those multiple road blocks that were fully armed ambushes set up that have blood on their hands.

    Once again. Why wasn’t the Alex Jones and the Infowars crew there to report on those illegal road block ambushes before they ended up killing Levoy? In so many words I recall Alex Jones saying that he made a pledge to the American people that he was going to cover important news in the US and abroad. And here he and his crew didn’t even report on anything out there in Oregon the whole month of December 2015 when Ammon had rallied the locals into meetings that were Constitutional and historical called “Committees of Safety”. Committees of safety got set up and many locals attended them to see what they could do about the government corruption of Harney County and that Bench/Bank supposed need/greed/Federal land and mineral grab out there. All that happened for several weeks before Judge Grassy kicked them out of town by not allowing them to meet anywhere in town limits or town buildings in Burn. So why was the media blacked out for that? Why did Oath Keepers only come in some later after the murderous death of Levoy Finicum? Why did Alex Jones and crew only then send reporters out there and or finally report on some happenings out there? I still don’t understand why Alex Jones didn’t support Pete Santillies first amendment right to have his own radio show out there? There was WAY too much very strange stuff happening surrounding that peaceful protest in that closed for the season wildlife refuge renamed/rezoned for Harney County locals that was renamed Harney County Resource Center.

    If Hillary Clinton steals the election? Which Donald Trump himself fears. Here is what and insider volunteer who happens to be my ex who volunteered at that latest Mannheim PA Trump rally said about Hillary Clintons theft of the election and Donald’s take on that.

    “Trump admitted that he is concerned about losing to Hillary only because of all the fraudulent ballots that they are finding stored in storage units in a couple states.”

    I’d like to forgive Alex. But I still feel he needs to come clean on something major about that whole thing in Oregon that was not his same feeling in Bunkerville Nevada. Saying he didn’t agree with the wildlife occupation is a cop out and came about later on. He knew about this just like he knew about me getting set up. Yet he never offered a helping armed hand stance for me or my land or property here.

    Americans are divided folks. I don’t know how we got this badly,harmfully divided? But we are divided more then most folks even care to tell or talk about. And it isn’t just about rich or poor, north or south, black or white, Hillary or Trump. Globalism or Nationalism.

    When you see or hear that your fellow countrymen need help or assistance in any reasonable matter? And if you say nothing and if you do nothing? You aren’t only part of the problem. You are the problem because people (your own fellow countrymen and women and other news reporters also) might have depended on you to do what you said you were going to do and also what you did before. Unless you told them and everybody that you were getting out of reporting and out of investigative reporting? Which isn’t the case.

    Every one of those political prisoners will heralded as Heroes if Hillary Clinton takes the POTUS office. Because it will have become most evident no later then November’s Presidential elections that many things exactly like Ammon Bundy and Pete Santillie and others were doing peacefully would have been needed to be done many places within the US to push back this UN and Federal Government take over of virtually everything, everyone, their cattle and my animals not even getting the care that they needed when they came for me to take me in.

    Is there any order that law enforcement in America will not ever question and will not perform? From my experience just this year. There is nothing law enforcement will ever question with orders. And there now isn’t anything that they won’t do.

    I heard reported the other day Savage was taken off the air because of health comment on Hillary. No effective support nationwide load enough or persistent enough for Peter Santillie. And then look what happened? It came around to another radio show host that they got him off the air also. So Drudge and Alex were correct. They were coming for the first amendment this year. And why wasn’t there more done to help stop that usurpation of our 1st,2nd,4th and 5th amendments rule of law our government personnel swear and oath to uphold and protect and then do every single thing contrary to that.

    America is in Trouble folks. And it’s not just from the moles informants. It’s from the land based moles who are informed but who aren’t informing nor lifting a finger of their own to render real aid and real help when we cry out for it to come to any of us!

    Jesus rebuked the lawyers and rulers for their hypocrisy. He basically said,”you tie heavy burdens on people (by your words,promises,oaths and or pledges) but you do not lift a finger to help them that day and hour that you know they will need help. You are twice the child of Hell.

    If you are in the knowing ahead of time and you do nothing. You may as well be Hillary’s or Obama’s next right hand man or woman. Their next czar or something. Because none of you are truly helping out any fellow countrymen and thus also allowing humanity worldwide to be handed to hell in a handbag.

    Well NOT on my watch it won’t be!

    Donald Trump for President. Even if it has to be stolen back for him and US!!!

    In the Mighty Blessed name which is above all names. Jesus Christ………AMEN


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