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UPDATE: The person of interest pictured below has reportedly turned himself in to police, suggesting he was not involved in the shooting and was part of the protest crowd.

Dallas Police are looking for information about the man pictured below as a person of interest in the downtown shooting

The man appears to be legally open-carrying a firearm.

CNN reports that the individuals involved in the shooting may have also planted an explosive.


Another man was taken into custody but protesters say he had nothing to do with the shooting.

— Sebastian Robertson (@wfaasebastian) July 8, 2016

Watch Raw Footage From The Shootout

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PICTURED: Police ID Suspect In Dallas Sniper Shooting – Reports of Possible Explosive

One thought on “PICTURED: Police ID Suspect In Dallas Sniper Shooting – Reports of Possible Explosive

  • July 8, 2016 at 8:45 am

    I believe him. That was a professional hit. The protesters true to blacks long being fooled and used for political purposes likely had no violent intentions. I would look to Obama and Jarrett as the main suspects behind it. November is fast approaching and Hillary Clinton has zero chance of winning against Trump. She is drawing crowds counted in dozens while Trump is drawing crowds counted in the tens of thousands. The plan will likely now go to phase two where a lot of black people will be murdered. It will be made to look like a retaliation by Trump loving whites. This will start the annual city burning and looting festivals across the country. More blacks will be murdered and martial law will be enforced. Ever wonder what the multi-national military operation “Jade Helm” was all about?


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