German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union were shocked earlier this week as German patriots, who are angry with her immigration policies of allowing Muslim migrants into the country, came out in mass this week to rally around the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), an anti-immigration party that was once a fringe group, but has now become Germany’s third most popular party. However, Germany is not the only place experiencing those standing up to their governments because of the increased invasion of Muslim migrants.

As the AfD won large percentages of the vote in three regional elections, Merkel’s party has lost considerable support in the wake of the violence and preferences shown to Muslim Migrants rather than the people of Germany… and the Germans seem to be having enough of it.

WND reports:

Its image has been helped by its youthful female leader, the pixie haired Frauke Petry, who took to social media after the vote to boast the AfD “made an important first step in the right direction to break the cartels of consensus parties.”

While Merkel has pledged to stay the course and accept more and more refugees, even the mainstream press has turned on her policies, with the German magazine Der Spiegel arguing Merkel created a “German society that is more divided and disgruntled than it has been in years… [and] a Europe that is no longer united.”

But don’t expect Merkel to back down. In fact, WND columnist and internationally renowned anti-Islamization activist Pamela Geller expects Merkel to respond with further repression.

“Merkel’s migrant policy is wildly unpopular,” Geller told WND. “She has already conspired with Mark Zuckerburg to censor dissent from her policies on Facebook. She will crack down further. She cannot win debates or convince people of the rightness of her course, because it is so wildly wrong. Force is all that’s left for her to employ.”

Geller, the author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” argues the elections show the German people are resisting Merkel’s plan to import thousands of refugees. However, she does not expect the elections to change Merkel’s course of action.

“Merkel is too deeply committed to her suicidal policies to change,” Geller said. “She will go down with them.”

Indeed, she will. Dr. G. M. Davis, author of House of War: Islam’s Jihad Against the World, echoed Geller’s comments to WND, referring to Merkel as “ruthless” in the pursuit of “centralizing, multiculturalist agenda indifferent to the welfare of ordinary Germans or other Europeans.”

“There is no reason to believe the systemic pressure applied against social workers, journalists and political representatives to downplay the danger posed by her refugee policy will abate.”

Davis also believes that the current influx of Muslim migrants has revived the AfD.

The AfD, which had been rent by infighting, had nearly fallen off the political map until the crisis,” Davis said. “Their recent victory appears to be a classic protest vote. If the migrants stop coming from Syria, they may lose their greatest advantage.”

However Germany is not alone.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who opposes taking in Muslims, is also speaking out about the “destruction of Europe.” Orban claims that because Europe is not free, the “truth is not allowed to be said.”

“It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terror to our countries,” Orban said. “It is forbidden to say that the arriving masses from other cultures are a threat to our way of life, our culture, our habits and our Christian traditions. Mass migration is a low water which erodes the shore with a persistent flow. It masquerades as a humanitarian issue but its true nature is to occupy space.”

KIIITV reported, “Orban, speaking under a steady rainfall, said that while earlier ‘opponents of freedom’ like the Soviet system resorted to prisons, camps and tanks to impose their will, ‘today the muzzle flashes of the international press, stigmatization, threats and extortion are sufficient.'”

Even the United Kingdom seems to finally be waking up to the threat that mass migration of Muslims presents to their own culture. Prime Minister David Cameron‘s party seems to be split after London Mayor Boris Johnson moved his allegiance to the Brexit camp, even though both men have covered for Islam in the past.

Both Geert Wilders and Jean Marie Le Pen, who have been outspoken critics of Islam, have put forward their support for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to be president, largely due to his open and up front approach to dealing with Islam.

I think many Americans have watched enough of what is taking place in Europe and are seeking prevention now, rather than attempt a cure later.

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Patriots Rise Up Against Muslim Invasion and the Destruction of Europe

2 thoughts on “Patriots Rise Up Against Muslim Invasion and the Destruction of Europe

  • March 22, 2016 at 7:22 am

    Even Europe is beginning to weigh in on Trump’s candidacy for his solution for the Muslim invasion of alleged refugees. We have no idea if the men are true refugees or US trained mercenary terrorists infiltrating our country for the sole purpose of supplying obama an excuse to announce that those who claim their status to be corporate citizens, aka US citizens, have actually been, under the Lieber Code’s martial law since its inception in, is it, 1868?
    We were born American State Citizens, citizens of one of the continental United States (one of the states of the Union- found in the Constitution) and had our status changed without our knowledge or consent to either federal citizen or corporate US citizen, which, under the Geneva Convention Article 3, is a crime with a death sentence.

    American State Citizens elect and US and federal corporate citizens vote. Was our status changed when we were not allowed to vote unless we swore that we are US Citizens? Is registered to vote press ganging? That is a very important term that is defined in Anna’s book.
    I put two and two together after only 50 pages of Judge Anna Von Reitz (Reitzenger) ‘s co authorship with her husband: You Know Something is Wrong When…An Affidavit of ?? is it Probably Cause. My sweet lovely cat is sleeping on my left shoulder or I could get up and give the accurate title and page citation. I was able to get the title without disturbing the sleep of my sweet and adorable cat. Here it is on Amazon . The page is somewhere around 50 for the definition and also the 3 types of citizens and also Article 3 of the Geneva Convention.
    Before reading this book, I had no idea that the term “press ganging” used by judge Anna meant: pulling someone out of the birth right status of American State Citizen and changing their status to a US Citizen, which is a corporation, is a charge that holds the death penalty sentence let alone where to find it: Geneva Convention Article 3.

    Is being charged with press ganging feared by the judges? Is not wanting to press gang Eric Williams in court, why the Federal Judge in an IRS failure to file charge, sent him away to await further notice 46 years ago? You can find out what Eric said to the judge here:
    Eric has a declaration of status which is in all that on Jean Haines site. He uses it and says we should use. He tried to tell John Darash they all needed to do the declaration of status document and was shut down very quickly. After reading this book, I am now understand why the Judge allowed Eric a pass while in court on an IRS charge: He didn’t want to be charged with changing of status of Eric Williams under Article 3 of the Geneva Convention and chance being sentenced to death.
    Is now the cat out of the bag?

  • March 22, 2016 at 8:10 am

    I believe with the following quote the rest of the planet is realizing that Trump is right.
    Both Geert Wilders and Jean Marie Le Pen, who have been outspoken critics of Islam, have put forward their support for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to be president, largely due to his open and up front approach to dealing with Islam.

    I wrote two comments and keep losing them so now I am tired. Let me suffice it to say that the people of the planet have been press ganged into a change of status, a crime found in the Geneva Convention Article 3 with a penalty of death. Have we really been press ganged from one status of freedom to a status of slave? And is that switch of status (there are 3 in America -3 types of citizens and only the American State Citizen is the one that keeps us free)why the consititution has no effect when we quote it?
    Around page 50 in “You Know Something is Wrong when…An American Affidavit of Probable CAuse”
    found at Amazon
    explains the 3 types of citizens (status) and also defines the term press gang and also that the Geneva Convention Article 3 makes it a death penalty charge to press gang (pull someone out of their status into another status).
    We are born as American State Citizens, free. When we register to vote our status is changed. We are pulled out of American State Citizen and free into a slave status without our knowledge or consent when we have to swear to be a US Citizen. Either that or we can’t vote. Is this press ganging?
    Eric Williams seems to have put the fear of something 46 years ago when his spiel to the judge in his IRS failure to file charge ended by the judge saying he will take it under advisement and get back to him. The judge never got back to h im. Was the judge afraid to pull Eric out of his status and afraid to be charged with press ganging Eric under the Geneva Convention Article 3 and the death sentence?
    You can find what Eric said to the judge here: I believe he also has a link to his Declaration of Status in there somewhere.


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