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Operation Wildlife Rescue – Mustang Mismanagement

Mustang Mismanagement

The BLM’s Mustang Mismanagement Has Resulted in Suffering, Starvation and Slaughter for Nevada’s Wild Horse Population

James White               NorthWest Liberty News


Something absolutely horrific is happening in Nevada’s ranch country that should cause every single American to jump out of their seat in disgust.  Wild horses are suffering and dying by the hundreds, perhaps by the thousands, as a direct result of the Federal Government’s Mustang mismanagement, via the BLM.


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The Nevada valleys littered with rotting equine corpses and mass graves highlight just a couple of the scandals that can be attributed to yet another failed Federal operation.  As I stated in my previous article, any time the Federal Government gets involved in a project the level of service diminishes substantially, or simply disappears, and the costs skyrocket.  Airport security and Obamacare being just two examples which effect most Americans.  At least we have a voice to protest; sadly, the wild horses are left alone by the BLM to starve and suffer a painful, slow death.  Did I mention that if you try to bring them water or assist them medically you will be arrested by the Feds?  Yes, you heard that right.


Where is the Equal Justice?

As I examined the recent history of BLM actions, and those of the Forest Service, one thing became crystal clear.  The only group who seems to get punished for apparent wrong-doing is the private land owner.  If a rancher or farmer makes a mistake, the full force of the Federal mafia rains down relentlessly on them until they are either out of business or behind bars.  Conversely, agents of the Federal Government can set backfires that rage out of control, even to the point of burning down private dwellings, and no one is charged; agents of the BLM can point weapons at protestors standing on private property at Cliven Bundy’s ranch and no one is charged; the BLM can dig massive graves and bury hundreds of horses therein to cover up their gross mismanagement and no one is charged.  However, build a pond on your property, or divert a stream to better manage your land, and you face Federal prison.


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By letting the BLM tell us how we can live is likened to a business owner being told what to do by the employees he or she has hired.  Would you put up with that if you owned a business?  I submit that no, you would not.  However, we let those who we have hired to manage OUR lands run us off of the very lands we pay them to protect.  When I say that the BLM is being run like a mafia-style organized crime operation, please do not dismiss it as hyperbole.  Just cross the BLM or the Forest Service and you will see tyranny up close and personal.

I want to thank the people at for the material in the video below.  I want to warn you up front that the video is difficult to watch, especially if you love animals.  Proceed with caution and please keep out of reach of children.


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