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NWLNews Exclusive! Great Falls Montana Man Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask

Philip DuPaul did the upstanding thing and answered a summons for jury duty.  Before he left he spent 24 hours behind bars with Covid infected inmates

James White               NorthWest Liberty News               August 27, 2020


(Great Falls, MT) – Philip DuPaul arrived at the court house last Monday to answer a summons for jury duty.  By the time he left 24 hours later, he had slept on the floor of the cell block and was exposed to at least 55 infected inmates.

What crime did Philip DuPaul commit to subject himself to such life-threatening conditions you might ask?  Well, he refused to wear a mask.



Philip tried to call the night previous to his court trip to get the rules clarified about mask and, in his case, non-mask wearing potential jurors, but he only received a pre-recorded message.

As he arrived and began filling out his questionnaire, a deputy approached him and questioned him about his missing mask.  Philip maintained his refusal to wear a mask and that’s when things go bad.

Ultimately, Philip ended up behind bars for 24 hours and was exposed to at least 55 Covid-infected inmates.  Now, he is in self-quarantine for 14 days as his business suffers.

I recently invited Philip on my show to recount his nightmare experience.  I have included a link to the interview below.



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