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NWLN Exclusive: Randy Pinocci Calls Out Steve Daines Over the CSKT Water Compact

Montana Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci threatens a run against incumbent Senator, Steve Daines to protect Montanans energy rates


James White               NorthWest Liberty News               January 19, 2020


Senator Steve Daines


In Montana, there are very few issues which have the ability to divide good people, not only on both sides of the aisle, but within the same political party, as much as the CSKT Water Compact has done.

The controversy surrounding the issue has been raging for about as long as I have lived in Montana and by the looks of things it’s about to go from raging, to raging inferno.

The details of the current compact that is being negotiated are too voluminous to include in this article, but I encourage you to research the topic on the NorthWest Liberty News YouTube Channel.

In addition, there are numerous articles and editorials which should make it an easy research topic.

Montana Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci is not a man who minces words.

Randy takes strong stands on issues in which he believes in and argues his points vociferously.

In a recent gathering in Helena, Randy stood side-by-side with Dr. Al Olszewski in opposition to the current Water Compact being negotiated by Senator Daines.



Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci

Commissioner Pinocci, a frequent guest on EIV Radio, contacted me and asked if he could come on the broadcast to clarify his position.

What happened next was completely unexpected, as Commissioner Pinocci called out Steve Daines and even threatened to file as a candidate against him in November.

However, don’t take my word for it as you can hear it for yourself by watching the video below.


To Watch Video, Click on the Red Arrow Below




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