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Not Everyone in Montana is Allowed to Return to Work

Angela Brooker (Guest Author)               NorthWest Liberty News               May 3, 2020



Hello. My name is Angela. I’m here to join you in Phase One of Montana’s reopening. Everybody gets to go back to work in some capacity.

Well, almost everybody.

I live in Missoula county and work in a field that is not being allowed to return to work until Phase Two. This is due to the restrictions on workplaces and public gatherings issued by Missoula county Health officer Ellen Leahy.

There is no date on when Phase Two will begin, so I am still in shutdown until further notice. Although there will be a review of the restrictions on May 8th, as Missoula county has zero covid-19 cases as of may 1st. It had only 9 cases, however, when the restrictions were applied. NIne cases in an estimated population of 74,428.

You can see a list of Missoula county additional restrictions at 

Why does this matter to anyone not living in Missoula county? More on that later.

The Incident Commander with the Health Department, Cindy Farr, released a video update on YouTube dated April 27, 2020 addressing concerns with this decision by stating “ The social distancing measures we have put in place have worked” and calls for a slow move forward.

And there you have it. The facts of the matter.

The problem with that is , just because you state something as fact does not make it so.



I would really love to go through the research methods needed to declare the health departments statement as fact, but to ease reader fatigue, I’ll sum it up. That statement is like opening a watch, taking out one part and declaring that’s what makes the whole thing work.

Especially when you have areas that have not implemented lock downs and social distancing (South Dakota comes to mind) and are not experiencing the pandemic conditions that we are told to fear so much.

The statement is speculation at best.

Speculation cannot be used to deprive people of life, liberty and property by denying them their ability to return to work for an indefinite amount of time.

Back to why you should care.

The Missoula County Health Departments’ additional restrictions rest on Governor Bollocks phase One plan. There is no reason, in my mind, to believe that any government agency could start implementing additional restrictions by picking and choosing what part of any plan they speculate to be what works. 

In addition to this, the Governor has a plan to move forward with testing that includes up to 60,000 tests performed each month on symptomatic and non symptomatic Montanans, including contact testing and quarantines. There will be strike forces of a registered nurse accompanied by National Guard to help enforce this.

You can read this plan in full at:  

These measures are to be implemented in a state that has seen a total of 453 cases in an estimated population of 1,086,759. These numbers still stand even though restrictions were almost non-existent at the height of climbing numbers amid the huge lines at grocery stores. If we were going to have an actual pandemic – I think that would have done it.

What additional government agency restrictions will be needed to enforce this plan? I think i would rather not find out. Reading that plan looks like a spiral into madness to me.

It is my observation that there is an ever growing segment of the population that is starting to fear losing their rights over fearing the virus, they just do not know what to do. 

All this is said with the utmost respect for those that have paid and are paying the highest price during this time. I would like to take a minute and address you with this question. Are you being presented with all the treatment options currently available such as Hydroxicloriquin?

If you would like to read the study, release, and high effectiveness of this treatment in many cases, depending on the stage, it is available in a PDF online titled “Sequential CQ/HCQ Research Papers and Reports.” 

So, what can stop this spiral of madness? The simple and only answer is – we can.

Writing this is my starting point. I’m reaching out with it to connect with like minded people. I have written to the State Attorney. I am looking into how to file cease and desist orders. Are there any lawsuits going on already? I want in. Peaceful protests going on? I want to be there.

Do you think I can write a decent article? It’s my first one. I’m going to do more. Have other suggestions? Let’s hear it.

You can reach me at:

I have never done any of these things before, but the fact is the time for action is now. History proves over and over again that when people give their rights away, they are not handed back.

Armor up Prayer warriors and God bless you all. Now let’s get to it.


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