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As one takes up the task of criticizing the Department of Child Protective Services (CPS), the fact that there are many legitimate situations where children are victimized and are in need of some outside intervention to advocate for their protection cannot be overlooked; and I’m certain that there are numerous documented cases where CPS came to the rescue of an otherwise neglected and/or abused child.

That’s not the side of CPS that I’m writing this article about.

The side of CPS I wish to illuminate you on is the CPS that, as one of my guests characterizes it, “kidnaps” children.  These are the words of a Montana Representative currently holding elected office.  In addition, numerous CPS workers have been arrested and convicted on various felonies in regards to the very children that they are charged to protect.


Sexual Crimes:

CPS Worker Among 20 Nabbed in Online Sex Sting

Former CPS worker will spend no more than a year in jail with sex assault plea deal

Youth worker faces molestation charge

General Neglect

Social workers charged with child abuse in case involving torture and killing of Gabriel Fernandez, 8

Child Protective Services worker accused of smoking meth with 14-year-old son

Two social workers charged in Detroit boy’s death


Random Criminal Behavior

Dozens of CPS caseworkers caught lying, falsifying documents

CPS Supervisor Arrested and Charged

Woman contracted to work for CPS charged with bribery

Pinellas Child Welfare Investigator Arrested For Faking Reports

Pasco Co. child protection officer fired, arrested for falsifying documents

DCF employee arrested for beating child with a belt over a broken faucet

DCF worker arrested, accused of falsifying records on possible child abuse case

17 Northeast Florida DCF workers fired over emergency food stamp applications

General CPS Thuggery

Homeschool Mom Arrested, Children Seized by CPS for “Educational Neglect”

Indian Couple In US Arrested For Not Allowing Tests On Baby Daughter

11-Year-Old Boy Played in His Yard. CPS Took Him, Felony Charge for Parents


In fairness, the links listed above do not reflect the character of every CPS worker who works in all 50 states across this nation.  However, it does highlight the lack of overall discretion when it comes to hiring people who can literally rip our children away from us, seemingly at will, with the full force of the state behind them.

These people need to be held to the highest standard.

I have 2 videos below to share with you.  The first is a video interview that I did with Debbie Westlake from Butte, Montana.  In summary, Debbie had some medical issues and needed to be hospitalized for a couple weeks.  CPS took over and protected her son during her hospital stay.  The visitation specialist who returned Debbie’s son, Robert, made advances on Debbie of a sexual nature, which she rebuked and then reported.  The worker was subsequently arrested for 4 counts of incest and was sentenced to 80 years in prison.  After another 5 hour hospital stay, CPS took Robert and he has not been home since.  Get the full story on the video below.






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Montana Legislator Wants to Drop the Hammer on CPS with Fines & Jail Time
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3 thoughts on “Montana Legislator Wants to Drop the Hammer on CPS with Fines & Jail Time

  • October 5, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    Sadly enough, this happens more than people think. I’ve had not only my life, but the lives of my 5 children destroyed! Our lives were forever changed in a corrupt little town know as Butte.. I’ve been fighting them since 2017, and it’s still ongoing! And what’s even more shocking, is what started it.. no one believes us until they see it in the court documents. My daughters second grade teacher and her got into an arguement over the 2016 election (AFTER TRUMP WON).. the teacher believing Hillary was better then Trump. My husband advised that she learn what the second grade curriculum was and teach it, not politics. 2 days later CPS is at my door because the teacher turned us in. This teacher stated that my husband was “traing our kids for war and if Hillary won the children would not be allowed outside cause everyone would be Muslim and would have to kill them.” What is wrong with people? This is from a second grade teacher!!! I was jailed for nearly a month, my life threatened while in custody to the point I was placed in a holding cell/ isolation until my bail. And i have NEVER been cuffed and stuffed EVER! Completely humiliating! Denied visits with the youngest for so long that they dont even know I’m their mother. I was only allowed visits with my oldest 2. They have refused their dad visits since they were removed and hasn’t seen them going on 3 years straight .. and its heartbreaking to see your husband, be devastated to such a degree.. and my children crying why cant I see him? Why cant go home? And you cant say anything to them because CPS says you do and you’ll lose your visits.. I have been begging, pleading and praying someone would hear our desperate cries for help.. Finally a politician is willing to take them head on.. And believe me I’m sending everything I got to Mr. Garcia.. Look out CPS we’re coming for you..

  • October 6, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    These articles have not been given the attention it deserves. I had a person tell me that there was millions of parents telling their horror stories about cps.
    That my issue was no more or less worthy of acknowledgement than any other parent.

    I know that the children are the true victims of this battle. The parents are not the ones that can end this. The children, like myself, now grown, the children like myself that were taken placed in foster care who were and still today being beaten , tortured, caged , sold , cooked alive in cars , raped and murdered without any explanation or consequences for the agency that was responsible for their protection. So I responded with this information. As the forgotten and Thrownaway child that these articles seem to forget about. Even the judicial system fails to acknowledge the lifelong consequences of what was done to us. So yes I think my testimony is crucial for these children.
    Everything I have endured overcame and survived, is hope for the child who is unable to escape. I only have today. Tomorrow another child will not survive. Yet my request for mercy and closure for accountability for the children remains denied.

  • January 17, 2020 at 4:25 am

    hi i live in north west montana and am struggling with cps and there
    about the law attitude they took me kids with a true cause once the took the
    kids they have not check on them to see how they are doing the
    dont’ return are phone calls the inlaws have the kids and they are split up
    we signed papers to have visitation however the inlaws run that an they do not like
    me we have see the kids a total ove about 6 hours in two and a half weeks the and we tell the case work
    what is going on yet they side with where my kids are stay my kids are what matter and cps doesn’t even
    care they have done nothing to help yet now we get suppervise visit at a clinic even thought the
    case work was ok and want them coming back home for visit yet the inlaws bucket it
    there is no justice for my kids there was no danager and no true reason for them to leave the house


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