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Montana Legislator Speaks Out About 5G Technology

Is 5G technology destined to destroy life as we know it, or are the dangers posed being overblown?


james white              NorthWest Liberty News              April 21, 2020


David Dunn proudly serves the people of Montana via his role as representative for House District 9.

As long as I have known him, David has been a beacon of truth in an otherwise fraudulent world.  So when David speaks on a topic, I tend to pay close attention.

David has been speaking about the potential dangers of 5G technology for quite some time now, and he covered it again recently when he joined me live on EIV Radio

If you haven’t yet researched the 5G technology, I would strongly suggest that you do so post haste.  There are a voluminous number of videos outlining the program, so a simple search should payoff.

David and I spoke about a wide variety of topics during my recent interview, but his explanation of 5G and its dangers was well worth highlighting in a separate video.

Please heed the warnings about 5G that Representative Dunn outlines in this brief video and do yourself a favor and research it for yourself.






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