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Minnesota Governor Calls Bombing of Mosque “Unthinkable, Unforgivable” “Act Of Terrorism” – Moot on Murder of Justine Damond

Honestly, I’m just going to try and remain calm here and see if it wasn’t one of the mosque’s own Islamists that broke a window.  However, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton called a “bombing” of a Minnesota mosque a “criminal act of terrorism” that is “unthinkable, unforgivable.”

Now, before we get into what Governor Dayton said, let’s just take a look at this bombing, shall we?

Here’s a picture of an investigator photographing the outside of the mosque and the window the alleged bomb was thrown through.

Next, here’s a picture from inside the room where the “bomb” was thrown.

Notice that the plastic blinds are melted, indicating that there was some heat involved.  We can also obviously see that the carpet has been cut out, which is standard for the investigation.

However, in looking at the room, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of an actual bomb blast.  Look at the walls that are intact.  Notice the furniture.

While there are pieces of debris lying around, I’m looking for evidence that an actual bomb went off.

One Muslim there said that he saw a man standing near the window and a pickup truck speed out of the parking lot.

So, let me get this straight, he saw someone at the window, but didn’t see the truck till it pulled out and didn’t witness the blast.  Am I the only one having trouble buying this story?

Forgive me for being skeptical, but we’ve seen things like this before where Muslims attack their own mosques or each other in an attempt to play the victim and garner sympathy while their brothers and sisters commit acts of Islamic terrorism against non-Muslims.

Police in Bloomington, Minnesota were called to Dar Al Farooq mosque around 5:05 am on Saturday, after an alleged bomb was thrown throw the imam’s office window while worshipers were gathering for their morning prayers.

KARE 11 reported:

The FBI says preliminary investigation indicates a “destructive device” is to blame for an explosion at an Islamic center Saturday.

Police say no one was injured in the blast at Dar Al-farooq Islamic Center at about 5:05 a.m.

The explosion went off inside an office just before first prayer, according to Bloomington police. Members of the center say there were people inside the building at the time.

Police say there is some damage to the building, including a broken window on the outside. They say it’s not clear whether the explosive was thrown through the window, or the explosion caused the window to break.

The FBI confirmed in a statement Saturday at 2 p.m. that the explosion was caused by “a destructive device in violation of federal law.”

There are currently no suspects in custody, and Bloomington police have handed the investigation over to the FBI Minneapolis Field Office.

“I was sad, and I was surprised,” said Mohamed Omar, executive director of Dar Al-Farooq. “I was shocked. It was first prayer, it was 5 a.m. and the whole neighborhood was calm, people were supposed to be sleeping. That’s how peaceful it should be.”

Asad Zaman, executive director of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota condemned the attack at a press conference.

“Hate is not okay,” said Zaman. “We need a better America, we need an America where people are safe with their neighbors. Targeting people because of their race, their ethnicity or their religion is absolutely and completely un-American.”

So, is preaching what is in the Koran Mr. Zaman.  So is following the teachings of Muhammad and the Hadiths.  All of that is un-American, but you do it and teach others to do it.

A rally was held later on Saturday by Muslims and a Go Fund Me page was started, which has raised over $84,000 for the mosque.

They deserve the donations?  No, Islamic history is full of this kind of treatment towards both non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

Am I saying that they deserved to be bombed or their property damaged?  Nope. Not at all.

However, there should be no mosques in existence in the Christian West because there is no God-given right to worship false gods.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in a Saturday statement on the Bloomington explosion that the department “fully supports the rights of all to freely and safely worship the faith of their choosing and we vigorously condemn such attacks on any religious institution.”

While I condemn the attack, I do not side with Homeland Security on this matter and neither did our forefathers who came before us.  They were opposed to Islam.

Sadly, stupid self-professed Christians proclaim Islamists to be their “brothers and sisters.”

One cannot be both Christ’s and claim anti-Christs as brothers and sisters.  You are either one or the other.

Mr. Roberts is not the only one pushing this agenda.

“It is a tragedy that we have to gather here today,” said Curtiss DeYoung, the CEO of the Minnesota Council of Churches. “An attack on a mosque is an attack on a synagogue, an attack on a church, it’s an attack on all faith communities, so we stand with you, a million Protestants in Minnesota.”

Still, we have people like Governor Dayton who claims the “bombing” was a “criminal act of terrorism.”

He visited the mosque on Sunday.  I wonder if he would have visited a Christian church had this taken place.

“What a terrible, dastardly, cowardly act was committed,” he said.

“It is a criminal act of terrorism,” added Dayton, who also described it as a hate crime that was “unthinkable, unforgivable.”

“Every place of worship, for all Minnesotans of every faith and culture, must be sacred and safe,” Dayton added.  “My prayers are with the children, families, and faith leaders of the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center today.”

I’m curious, if it is discovered that one of those who attend the mosque or another Muslim committed this crime, will Mr. Dayton still refer to it as an unthinkable, unforgivable act of terrorism?  Will the FBI refer to this as a “hate crime”?

To contrast Dayton’s response, just consider what he said when Somali Muslim Policeman Mohamed Noor shot Justine Damond in cold blood after she called police concerning possible criminal activity in her neighborhood.

Though he referred to the shooting as “horrible,” he also said that Noor “has constitutional rights as well as state law about decisions to speak or not speak, so I’m not going to comment on it.”

Instead of jumping to a conclusion like in the mosque incident, Dayton said, more information was needed.

Does Dayton know something about the incident at the mosque that the rest of us don’t?

Do you see my point?

This is the same man who wants to bring in more Muslims to the state he governs and tells those he serves that if they don’t like it, they can move.

“We feel like it’s much deeper and scarier than like something random,” Mohamed Omar, the center’s executive director, said Sunday. “It’s so scary.”

Well, now Mr. Omar understands how many of his neighbors feel when it comes to having followers of Muhammad in their neighborhood.

“If a bias motive is proven, this attack would represent another in a long list of hate incidents targeting Islamic institutions nationwide in recent months,” said Amir Malik, the local chapter’s civil rights director.

And if it’s proven this is a fake hate crime, then it would be another in a long list of those too, Mr. Malik.

The Muslim American Society of Minnesota is offering a $10,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to the conviction and incarceration of the person responsible.

Additionally, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is offering a $10,000 reward for information.

“We hope a reward will help law enforcement authorities quickly apprehend the perpetrator of this act of violence targeting an American house of worship,” said a statement from CAIR-MN Civil Rights Director Amir Malik. “If a bias motive is proven, this attack would represent another in a long list of hate incidents targeting Islamic institutions nationwide in recent months.”

Terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a designated terror group,  is offering a $10,000 reward for information, as well.

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