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Mike Adams: The EPA Has Poisoned the Entire Nation

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Mike Adams and I were finally able to find the time to record another edition of Health Revolt.  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has been on the forefront of battling the corrupt, federal alphabet agencies for some time now.  We have had some recent victories, but there is a lot of work ahead.  However, Mike thinks we are winning and will be victorious in the end.


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In this edition of Health Revolt, we cover the defeat of the Dark Act and the resulting food freedom associated with its demise.  We also cover the entire vaccine industry fraud about the vaccine link to Autism, followed by the mafia-like influence that the pro-vaccine crowd has on dissenters.  On that same note, we discuss how the efforts to squash the Andrew Wakefield documentary has absolutely back-fired on the establishment.  And, what would an interview be these days without mention of “The Donald” and the efforts to steal the people’s nomination for President of the US?

Please enjoy the latest edition of Health Revolt below.


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