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Michael Snyder

    James White               NorthWest Liberty News

    I had the great pleasure of, once again, interviewing Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog.  In addition to being one of the most prolific writers on the internet, Michael is the Idaho District 1 Republican Congressional Candidate.  You can learn more about Michael Snyder the candidate by clicking HERE.

I have included some background on Michael below:


Michael Snyder is one of the most popular conservative authors in America.  He is the author of four books, he has been a frequent guest on major radio and television shows all over the nation, and his websites have been viewed more than 100 million times.  Michael’s articles are also republished on dozens of other major websites, and this includes some of the biggest alternative news websites on the entire planet.


Michael’s father was in the U.S. Navy, and so as a child he moved around quite frequently.  After spending six years in Italy during his formative years, Michael’s family settled in northern Virginia and that is where he attended high school. After high school, Michael attended the University of Virginia where he received a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and later he went on to law school at the University of  Florida where he received two degrees.  Michael worked as an attorney for several years in the heart of Washington D.C., but since late 2009 he has made a living through his writing.

In 2005, Michael married a remarkable woman named Meranda, and today they have a little two-year-old daughter named Atarah.  For almost six years they have been living in Bonners Ferry, Idaho and Michael and Meranda both agree that it is the best place that they have ever lived.  In fact, Michael and Meranda couldn’t really imagine living anywhere else in the country, but there is a job that needs to be done in Washington.

Throughout his life, Michael has been known as a fighter for conservative causes.  As a ten-year-old child he was deeply affected by Ronald Reagan’s election victory in 1980, and he has been a very strong conservative ever since.  He knows what it is like to stand outside on winter mornings protesting abortion clinics in the freezing cold, and he has personally participated in the March for Life in Washington.  Michael is not just another politician that uses the “Pro-Life” label to get votes.  He has been a Pro-Life warrior for decades, and today his articles about abortion are some of the most widely read on the Internet.

Michael is also known as an extremely vigorous advocate for freedom and liberty.  Michael considers Ron Paul and Rand Paul to be two of his role models, and like them Michael wants a federal government that is much more limited in size and scope.  Michael wants to transfer as much power back to the state governments and the people as possible, and he believes that Idaho would be much better off if the federal government would just leave us alone.

Michael is also a man of very deep faith.  He is a Bible-believing Christian that has ministered all over the country, and his personal relationship with Jesus Christ is at the very core of everything that he does and everything that he is. Many politicians are very hesitant to talk about their faith, but Michael is not ashamed to say that there is  no hope for this nation unless we turn back to God.

Whatever happens in this election, Michael and Meranda are looking forward to the future.  They hope to have more children, and they are absolutely convinced that their greatest chapters are still ahead of them.  They know that without God nothing is possible, but with Him all things are possible.


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