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Mayor Busted for Trading Meth for Sex

The mayor of Fairfax City, Virginia has been arrested for trading methamphetamine for sex.

The Washington Times reports:

Richard “Scott” Silverthorne, 50, was arrested Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tysons Corner after police received a tip about a meth distributor last month, Fairfax County Police said Friday morning. Mr. Silverthorne is also a substitute teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools.

An undercover officer created a profile on a website used to arrange for casual sexual encounters between men and within days Mr. Silverthorne contacted the police officer.

After the initial exchange, Mr. Silverthorne communicated via text messaging with the undercover officer and allegedly told him that he could provide meth for sexual favors, police said.

The exchange was so that Mr. Silverthorne could me with undercover detectives to engage in group sex.

According to a police press release from the Fairfax County Police, “In late July, the Organized Crime and Narcotics (OCN) Division received information about a possible distributor of methamphetamine and immediately began an investigative inquiry.”

The police press release says that Silverthorne “communicated via text messaging. During the course of communication, the suspect advised that he could provide methamphetamine for sexual encounters. Undercover detectives agreed to meet the suspect for a group sexual encounter in exchange for methamphetamine. The suspect arranged to bring methamphetamine along with other men to the engagement.”

NBC adds:

The suspect — later identified as Silverthorne — was allegedly distributing meth through a website used to arrange casual sex between men, Fairfax County Capt. Jack Hardin said at a news conference. He declined to name the site.

An undercover detective created a fake profile with information that police believed Silverthorne was looking for in terms of characteristics and activities he was interested in.

It worked, Hardin said. Silverthorne contacted the detective within two days, and then they began to communicate over texts, he added.

Police set up a drug-fueled romp between Silverthorne and a group of undercover detectives, and the mayor allegedly agreed to bring meth along with other men.

Hardin said Silverthorne first met the cops in the parking lot, and he told them he was waiting for his meth supplier, who was running late. Once he arrived, Silverthorne procured about 2 grams of meth, and then handed it to one of the undercover detectives.

That’s when he was arrested, Hardin said.

Silverthorne did not resist arrest and later gave a full confession.

“By all facts that we know in reference to this case, all parties were adults,” Fairxfax County Police Maj. Ed O’Carroll told reporters. “We have no knowledge that any underage individuals were involved.”

The fact that a mayor was involved in such criminal and depraved activity should be cause for the people of Fairfax to wake up and demand a high standard for their leaders. Sadly, when I speak about a high standard for those who represent the people, I get shunned and told that no one can meet my standards, which I think is ridiculous. If we don’t aim high with our standards for those who represent us, then we get men like Mayor Silverthorne. Think about that when you enter the voting booth this November.

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