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Juan O’ Savin is a Fraud


The Juan O’ Savin – Candace Blake Files


My treacherous, former field reporter, Candace Blake joined forces with Wayne Willot, better known as Juan O’ Savin, or JFK Jr., or “W the Intelligence Insider,” to overthrow NorthWest Liberty News.

Of course, they failed.

What is contained below are the elements of their plot.

Candace Blake – My Treacherous Former Reporter


Who is the Real Juan O’ Savin?



A Voicemail left by Juan O’ Savin – It Sounds Like He is just going to consult when needed, but not be involved with specifics


Click the Button Below for the Message to Play

Listen to Voice Mail HERE


Here is a Message Sent to Candace Blake, by Juan O’ Savin, After Cyndie Abcug was Arrested on December 30, 2019


Click Here for the Juan O’ Savin Message Sent to Candace Blake


Who is Juan O’ Savin?


Click Here for the Identity of the Real Juan O’ Savin


Click HERE for Link Link to the Marinka Peshmann Article Outlined in the Description Above


Click below for the Message Candace Blake Sent to Cyndie and Joseph Outlining the Collusion Between Juan O’ Savin and Herself to “Cut Me Out” of the picture. As You Will See, Candace clearly describes me as the enemy

Click HERE for the Message that Candace Blake Sent to Cyndie Abcug and Joseph Ramos



My Video Description of the Treachery




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