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“It Had All of the Framework for Martial Law” – Sid Daoud

Montana City Council Member from Ward 4, Sid Daoud was the lone voice of dissent in a vote to give the Kalispell City Manager extraordinary powers


james white               NorthWest Liberty News               April 16, 2020


(Kalispell, Montana)  Last week, the Kalispell City Council voted, almost unanimously, to approve Ordinance No. 1840.

As a result of the vote, Kalispell City Manager, Doug Russell, now has the power to control traffic in and out of the city, force quarantine any resident and call for a city-wide curfew.

In effect, City Manager Russell was granted police state powers.

Thankfully, the full extent of Mr. Russell’s extraordinary powers have not been exercised to date, however the ordinance has a 90-day sunset clause and runs into summer.




As the vote was tallied, one lone voice stood out in dissent.  That voice belonged to Libertarian Council member from Ward 4, Sid Daoud.

Daoud, a veteran of 13 years in military service, was born in Montana and has deep family roots in the state.  Born and Raised in Great Falls, Sid Daoud is a Montanan through and through.

After the vote was taken, I reached out to Sid with the intent of inviting him on my Montana political show, EIV Radio.  Our schedules lined-up recently and I was delighted to have Sid on the broadcast.

As you will hear in the video linked below, Sid thought that the ordinance “had all of the framework for Martial Law,” which prompted him to vote no.

As we see the tyrannical overreach of government being exercised all across this nation, it is good to know that there are still public servants like Sid Daoud who take their Oath seriously.




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