Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed into law the state’s permitless carry law on Friday afternoon.

Permitless carry has been in the making in Idaho for nearly five years. SB138 will take effect July 1, 2016.

The bill passed out of the House State Affairs Committee by a vote of 13-4 and then was later passed by the full House by a vote of 54-15. Finally, it passed the Idaho Senate with a 27-8 vote.

Though there were a plethora of amendments that were sought to be put into the bill, which would have watered down the bill, the people of Idaho were on their toes and fought against them.

Seeing that there were veto proof majorities in the House and Senate, Governor Otter signed the bill into law. Many thought he would wait and veto the bill after the adjournment of the legislature in order to keep from being overridden.

Governor Otter also issued the following letter in which he acknowledged that the bill was “consistent with the U.S. Constitution, Idaho values and our commitment to upholding our constitution protections from government overreach.”

However, he then expressed concern about “its lack of any provision for education and training of individuals who choose to exercise the right to concealed carry.” He appealed to the “well-regulated” words regarding the militia in the Second Amendment for his concern.

The problem with that reasoning is that it leaves of the second part of the Second Amendment which has nothing to do with the militia, but with the right of the people to keep and bear arms. In other words, there is no education, training or permits that should be needed for people to exercise their God-given rights. For government to impose those measures indicates that the government believes they are the granters of rights, and thus, have assumed the place of God. I affectionately call such governments The Beast.

Several pro-Second Amendment groups supported the bill, including the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America, as well as the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police and the Idaho Sheriff’s Association.

Congratulations Idaho, you’re taking back your sovereign country!

Article reposted with permission from The Washington Standard.

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Idaho Governor Signs Permitless Carry into Law

3 thoughts on “Idaho Governor Signs Permitless Carry into Law

  • March 29, 2016 at 4:09 am

    here tell him this then. Well regulated meant something completely different to the founders, than what it does today. Well regulated meant well oiled well armed well readied etc… not regulated by the Govt.
    it’s an Ox-moron to say well regulated meant controlled by the Govt. Especially when one know why the second amendment was crated to begin with. The second amendment was created so the people had the tools needed to fight back tyranny which is the Govt. So one can see now it’s a Ox Moron to interpenetrate well regulated as Govt Control.

  • March 30, 2016 at 6:30 am

    May God be PRAISED for Idaho’s state government and Governor passing that permit-less carry or Constitutional Carry made law now in that Wonderful Sovereign State this July!

    Here in Maine our State Government and Governor Paul LePage passed Constitutional Carry into Law last year!

    Before you know it pretty soon I will be able to take my dogs and put us all on the road in our RV and then we can bounce around from state to state to see what’s happening,inform people,visit churches,see where interesting work for me might be available. And of course don’t forget. Find my babe that can put up me the erst of her life. That’s not asking for much now is it? So all the rest of the states need to do is pass Constitutional Carry or permit-less carry in all their states too. And then just start training their sheriff,local police and state police to not care about if some mentally ill guy or veteran comes up on their screen who’s been illegitimately labeled mentally ill by the corrupted as all Hell Establishment Eugenic State. And before you know we will have taken our entire country back for the glory of God and even common sense and common law. And then the works of our hands eventually making our own income again. Will make us feel better about ourselves,each other and our governments. And then some degree of trust and security from that positive outlook growth and increase will happen and can help grow and flourish us all in that healthy environment too! PTL!

    So the only thing needed now is for every state to pass into law what Idaho just did here. Just pretend like it’s going to be a practice training time where the illegals and other needy,mentally ill,scavengers,locusts and some mix of violent gang and or violent ISIS style warmongers are all going out on the road all across the US this summer or whenever. And everyone in every state at least needs to be armed and prepared in case anyone of them attempts to do something stupid and violent to you or yours. Then you can stop them and be the hero.

  • July 22, 2016 at 1:14 am

    The quest towards permitless carry continues and had become part of a more comprehensive movement that aims to develop new norms for owning guns in American society. The people dreams to live in a place of no restrictions to gun owners. Read


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