Trolls, they’re not just under bridges in fairy tales. They are everywhere on the internet. Now, a pro-Hillary Clinton SuperPAC is spending $1 million to attack negative comments on social media and, no doubt, sites like this one.

According to PAC Correct the Record, its main focus is “a strategic research and rapid response team designed to defend Hillary Clinton from baseless attacks.” In this case, it’s trolling.

“Anonymous online attacks, from both sides of the political spectrum, have sought to spread lies and misleading narratives about Secretary Hillary Clinton,” reads a statement from the PAC. “Hillary’s supporters are more enthusiastic than Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ supporters, yet oftentimes are discouraged from engaging online and are “often afraid to voice their thoughts” because of the fear of online harassment. Many of Hillary Clinton’s female supporters in particular have been subject to intense cyber-bullying and sexist attacks from swarms of anonymous attackers.”

“Correct The Record will invest more than $1 million into Barrier Breakers 2016 activities, including the more than tripling of its digital operation to engage in online messaging both for Secretary Clinton and to push back against attackers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram,” the PAC added.

The “Barrier Breakers 2016 digital task force,” which is set up by Correct the Record, will seek to provide positive comments about Hillary and counter negative comments and posts about her. You can view a few of the memes that will identify their work here.

“Lessons learned from online engagement with ‘Bernie Bros’ during the Democratic Primary will be applied to the rest of the primary season and general election — responding quickly and forcefully to negative attacks and false narratives,” Correct the Record continued. “Additionally, as the general election approaches, the task force will begin to push out information to Sanders supporters online, encouraging them to support Hillary Clinton.”

Upon hearing of this news, the Bernie Sanders campaign staffer Mike Casca told The Daily Beast, “Our campaign and our vendors are not paying people to reply to anti-Bernie comments on social media.”

Right, sure they aren’t.

TDB went on to report that many on social media had pointed out that Sanders had engaged in the same activity, spending $16 million on marketing company “Revolution messaging.”

According to The Real Strategy:

Super PACs aren’t normally allowed to coordinate with candidates, but FEC loopholes mean Correct the Record can – a move discovered by the Sunlight Foundation’s Libby Watson.

“The whole reasoning behind (Supreme Court decision) Citizens United rests on (PACs) being independent, but Correct the Record claims it can coordinate,” Watson told The Daily Beast.

“It’s not totally clear what their reasoning is, but it seems to be that material posted on the Internet for free — like, blogs — doesn’t count as an ‘independent expenditure’.”

The Clinton campaign was also exposed by The Intercept for the use of “astroturfers” in the media.

It makes me wonder if some of the people attacking and shutting down Kathy Amidon’s Benghazi Tea Party Fire Ants posts are paid trolls by not only the Clinton campaign, but even by the Obama administration.

In either case, trolling has become very common, and it isn’t just among Democrats. Sadly, many have been trolling, attempting to remove the historical understanding of natural born citizen for men like Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in their presidential bids.

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Hillary SuperPAC to Unleash $1 Million Internet Troll Army

3 thoughts on “Hillary SuperPAC to Unleash $1 Million Internet Troll Army

  • April 26, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Well, who really cares? Not me. I would not like to see a female version of Obama holding the reigns of this government. The one we have now is a closet female, and hangs the reigns on the brake handle, and looks away from where we are headed. No real guidance, and he has an agenda that is nothing short of complete destruction of everything about America. He is even changing history, all the way back to the founding of the country. Strange thing to do, in light of the fact that we’re in the end of the end times, and Armageddon will cause the destruction of every government on earth, and everyone involved with those governments. It will cause the extermination of all so called Christian religions, their opulent churches, and their greedy clergy who all were involved with the people running those governments. Believe it or not, our government has been building Armageddon survival shelters underground for decades, all over the country. They’re whacked out mentally. Nothing up ther but three day old oatmeal.

    • April 26, 2016 at 8:05 am

      The trolls are everywhere. Here is what to do. Keep a short pre written response that you can paste as a reply. The response might contain the URL’s where one can read about all the people who died around the Clinton’s, Hillary Clinton’s enabling of her rapist spouse including harassment and threats against the victims and at least one victims mysterious death. Also of interest will be to source the information regarding her watering down AIDS drugs going to Africa for her profit and the disgusting abuse of the Clinton foundation’s donated monies in Haiti. Add her now proven lies about Benghazi and her association with Sidney Blumenthal to jointly make money out of the situation in Syria. Add the fact that she is taking money from foreign governments. Point out that in spite of the fact that every year for the last seven years gun sales have hit new record highs she wants to ban guns. Point out that her assistant Huma Abadin comes from a family that have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization. All this can be done by posting a few URL’s in a “screw you” message. Oh, by the way, end your post with * * * TRUMP 2016 * * *

    • April 26, 2016 at 8:07 am

      I just noticed that we have the same name. Strange coincidence.


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