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Picking the Lock on the Shackles of Tyranny ®

By k.Renee               NorthWest Liberty News

    Are you, or your right-wing associates, ever confounded on how (exactly) to deal with the brain-washed masses? Confused on how to promote  your populist opinion; and gain support amongst these fools who parrot the Anti-Trump message, which is propagandized by the lame-stream media?

As ammo for the artillery,for the Americans amongst who fight the good fight;in support of converting the misled, to bring them out of the hate-matrix, and into the (Right) reality…I present to you: the ​facts of forward-movements, during this first month of Trump’s Presidency.

★Trump withdrew the U.S. from the “job-taking disaster”* of the T.P.P., saving us from rule of corporate council governance and lowering of quality standards on accepted imports.

★The president is promoting bilateral (one-on-one) deals with world leaders, and has already begun such talks with U.K. and Japanese administrations.These countries are two of the leading financial powers, in addition to their strong advancements in the science & technological arenas. (Trump wants to make deals with the best, and then he’ll move on to the rest.)

★A hiring-freeze has been imposed on all nonessential federal workers. (You can’t cut the fat from a pig if he’s still feeding from the trough, and Trump knows that.)

★To begin the lightening of the load of federal regulations, which crush the creation or competition (in the market) of small business, Trump’s office has ordered a 2:1 Regulation Reduction Act. This means that for every new regulation that Congress enacts, two old regulations must the thrown out.

★To deal with the private-interest puppetry at the highest levels, our President has imposed a 5-year ban on lobbying for all White House officials. (No more corporate buy-ins for legal immunity, granted by their paid-for U.S. public official.)

★Along with the above ban, he has also imposed a lifetime ban on lobbying of White House officials by foreign governments. (So, no more promises of overseas bank accounts or other perks for staff to sell out to Saudi Arabia (or any other country).

★Trump, when reviewing the plans for the Dakota pipeline which will be built, has added a clause, consigning that the pipe used in construction must be made in the U.S.A.  (Yes, it’s a small step towards making America great again…but it’s such a super-obvious move that it makes you wonder why the originators of the pipeline plan did not include the “Made in USA” clause.)

★Trump has begun to crack-down on

“sanctuary-cities”, moving to pull funding from places that want to use U.S. citizen’s tax dollars to fund social welfare and judicial reform or jail programs for criminals; immigrants who are not law-abiding to the extent of being repeat-felons, and are not even legally here, in our country. (What is wrong with refusing to pay your hard-earned wages to run welfare programs that support & keep around foreign felons?)

★The DOW market has gained over 20,000 points since

Trump took office. American economy promises to improve in the Trump-era; many companies-G.M.,Intel, Walmart, & Fiat- have already met with the President and announced major investment and expansion plans as a result of their confidence in our leader. (In less than four weeks, Trump has gotten corporate heads to commit to bringing billions of dollars and over 12,000 new jobs to Americans. Imagine what is possible in the near-future, if congress complies with the regulation decrease!)

★Despite the judgement against Trump’s travel ban, Donald is not giving up on his presidential right to decree who we allow into the U.S. He is committed to security of the states, and has begun his second draft of the executive order, which will be presented “next week”*. (Trump simply wants to make sure that those coming to live in the U.S.A. are coming in with good intent and no ill-nature; the temporary-ban is on countries that we’ve been starting wars in for the last 10-20 years. It’s a no-brainier that our government must thoroughly vet the influx from these 7 countries. Pertaining to the 7 countries on Trump’s list, we must assure the intent of assimilation from these citizens, coming from civil-war zones; since we are sort of responsible for the war which caused the situations they’re facing in their home countries.)

This list of accomplishments is as straight-forward and to-the-point as possible. Each one includes a ‘common-sense’ sided argument (in the parenthesesed last sentences of each bullet-point). I hope you find the application of this article useful in your pro-Trump promotion, as we continue to rescue the ‘sheeple’ who have submitted to the N.W.O. social programming.

Please utilize this list, and any other available tools of persuasion, in your push towards real

American progress; as we build up our army of Americans, who are ready and willing to ​make America great again.

Fight on, freedom fighters…fight on!




*​words quoted of Donald J. Trump, during his epic speech on Thursday, February 16th.

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