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Former FBI Investigator, David Howard on General Michael Flynn and Much More

David Howard once got arrested in Chicago, while undercover, to help bring down a group of corrupt judges.


james white               NorthWest Liberty News               May 12, 2020


As we stand on the precipice of the full release of information which could reveal the greatest political scandal in history, former FBI agent and Certified Fraud Investigator, David Howard has but a few words for James Comey and crew…

“I Would Hate to be those people… I would hate to be Comey and Strzok and his girlfriend and McCabe”

-Former FBI Agent, David Howard


David Howard knows fraud and he knows what must be done when it’s discovered.  He’s what one would call, “old-school.”

At one point in his career, David was dispatched to the de facto crime capitol of the midwest, Chicago, Illinois.



During his time there, he helped play a part in bringing down a group of judges who were accepting bribes; a story he recounts in our interview.

David Howard, like most clear-minded Americans, believes General Michael Flynn was properly exonerated and is appalled at the crimes committed by the upper levels of America’s intelligence agencies.


General Michael Flynn


I was delighted to have David join me live recently to speak about Comey, corruption, General Flynn, Obama and much, much more.





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